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  2. JOMO

    JOMO transcends clutch.
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  4. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Konecny no question for #2. First 1 is a toss up. Little guys who score are always a huge question mark for me... but i would probably gamble and go with DeBrincat. He will get all the ice time/opportunties to play if hes healthy.
  5. JOMO

    Technical JOMO is the savoir. He can walk on water...of sorts. Ice is frozen water, so technically I guess he skates on it? instead of walking? Either way he scores clutch goals.
  6. JOMO

    The JOMO will be shown only to those who are ready to see.
  7. JOMO

    JOMO is the Son of God! And he's a hockey fan.
  8. JOMO

    JOMO will show you the light.
  9. JOMO

    still in the dark here
  10. JOMO

    fill the blank oh _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , 254 6011
  11. JOMO

    still have no clue what type of cocaine ur on...
  12. JOMO

    nailed it
  13. JOMO

    He's the answer who was in the locker room all along.
  14. JOMO

    whats jomo
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  16. JOMO

    That is all
  17. Who are My keepers

    didnt notice that gaudreau Never out pointed Kuzzy interesting
  18. Who are My keepers

    Pts curent/2016/2015 Stamkos 206 /47(played 17 games) / 159 / 175 Benn 168 /149 /215/189 Kuznetsov 166/130/163 Gaudreau 149/99/155 Kopitar 200/93/173 giroux 205/117/145/166 Rantanen 177/57 seguin 184/137/153/178 gost 135/68/114 krug 121/98/94 Voracek 165/108/105/178
  19. Who are My keepers

    ill give some past season info 1 sec
  20. Who are My keepers

    Same is true of Gaudreau, though. Could be Benn too. He just seems to be trending downward. I like Kuz slightly more going forward, but it could turn out to be the wrong call.
  21. Who are My keepers

    Problem with kuzzy is he doesnt score alot
  22. Who are My keepers

    I'd go Seguin, Stamkos, Kuznetsov, Gaudreau and Rantanen.
  23. Who are My keepers

    No salary are involved u get to keep at the end of each year 5 player, no position requirement. roster Are now locked, im looking towards next year . this is indeed the first place team atm ( 40pts lead~) Im just questionning which 5 would you keep I am leanding Stamkos Benn Seguin Gaudreau Gostisbehere But I could throw in there Rantanen instead of gost or Gaudreau, I could also consider Krug
  24. Who are My keepers

    Is there a buyout process for keepers that don't work out? I think people might need to know how that works in order to properly assess risk on the older guys. That said, I have no experience with partial keeper pools so maybe I'm just asking a noob question here... Also, as you're "1er" (félicitations), can we assume you're in win-now mode?
  25. Who are My keepers

    come on boys!
  26. Who are My keepers

    and the top 30 Foward
  27. Who are My keepers

    for comparision purpuses here is the top 30dman
  28. Who are My keepers

    Hello Capwise community, I manage another Fantasy format for me and My friends, Were changing this year to a 5Keeper ( from full keeper) Pool were also eliminating goaltenders as we cant figure out a way to make them work in our wonky format ( just ignore them) What to know Before hand - We run a 15 Active Roster with Minimum 4 Dman on active roster / 5 man Farm ( its more or less a place to stash Young talent - Theres a salary cap but the salary are based on Production, not actual $Contract so we can basicly Ignore that . i.e Tavares is more expensive then Kopitar -Scoring is as follow G(2) // A(1) // PPG (2) // PPA (1.5) // +- (1) // Pim ( .25) HT(2) My original Though was Keeping Stamkos,Seguin,Benn,Gaudreau,Gostisbehere but Now rantanen makes me want to reconsider. I dont plan on keeping Giroux or Kopitar because 1) theyre inconsisten in our setup 2) theyre not goal scorer 3)they are over 30 and in my pool they have 0 value to other gms. also Do I really Keep a dman here, beside a few exception most dman end up with more or less 10 pts difference each year.. and theres no certitude, karlsson is almost a drop in our setup ( +-) so heres my team
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