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  2. Price Concussion

    I can’t see price being moved without mtl retaining some salary, plus he’s injured and can’t see a team wanting a hurt player with a undetermined date of return. I feel max can be traded now or at the draft with a very similar return at either times. brassard just got traded to the pens and Ottawa got a significant return. max my not be having the best year but I think a change in scenario, he’ll flourish. He should be fetching a real good return and better get a good C of some sort as a return.
  3. Price Concussion

  4. Price Concussion

    Bergevin did not want to give that contract to Subban, Molson did. Bergevin took Subban to arbitration. Bergevin is not out before Monday, so Price is staying put.
  5. Price Concussion

    + Bergevin is out
  6. Price Concussion

    did you already forget subban
  7. Price Concussion

    Bergevin is not trading Price. He just gave him a gazillion dollars. He's not about to change his mind on the guy or admit a mistake. Human nature.
  8. Price Concussion

    You are probably right, but it could be a move that would increase the Blues already good chances of winning it all this year. Fingers crossed.
  9. Price Concussion

    maximum value comes at draft tho , not at trade deadline so your in for a bad surprise
  10. Price Concussion

    Im hoping that Patches, Price, Plex and a few others are gone by this time next week. Price to St.lou for Allen and Robert Thomas
  11. Price Concussion

    Mtl needs to build a puckmoving defensive team, beside the obvious fact that mtl needs a top C, we kinda have decent firepower upfront, patches galch drouin are pretty good fowards, mix and match a few grinder like gallagher, it would be a decent foward group if the DEFENSE could EVER GIVE THEM THE PUCK OUT OF THEIR ZONE, markov/subban/beaulieu/now jerabek , all decent to awesome puck movers left. we need to move some puck boys
  12. Price Concussion

    of course price or habs or both were looking for a reaosn to shut him down. wonder whats the plan tho, I seriously dont want that contract on my habs , 6-7mtops for a #1 Goaltender theres no way hes worth 3m more than the 2nd best goalie ( if hes even the #1 goaltender in the league)
  13. Survivor Pool

    just had my 2nd survivor pool won. took home the 450 pot. i will be starting one last pool beginning next Saturday March 03 2018. i did have a few guys show some interest so just wanted to let you all know.
  14. Price Concussion

    It's suspicious definitely .
  15. Price Concussion

    De binne!
  16. Price Concussion

  17. Price Concussion

    Fallin for Dahlin!!
  18. Price Concussion

    Weber shut down, Price out indefinitely. If only Gallagher could take a hint and stop trying so damn hard, we might have a shot at Dahlin.
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  20. Price Concussion

    Hmmmmmmm ! Same diagnosis that Montoya got, I can’t see him playing any games the rest of the season if that’s the case. Give lingren some starts
  21. Price Concussion

    I know he got hit with a shot in the nugget, but at this time of year, with that huge contract about to kick in, does it make you think he could be Subbaned? Is it also suspect that the Habs immediately labeled it a concussion and not the "upper body injury" that is usually the first public diagnosis of a concussion? Things that make you say Hmmmm
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  23. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Tkachuk's almost solidified himself as the heart of that Calgary team already. The hardest thing for smaller players is proving they can score in the NHL, and DeBrincat's done it as a rookie on a struggling Blackhawks team. Honestly, I'd flip a coin between the two. I think Debrincat could get you an 80 point season or two, Tkachuk I'd be more confident in consistent 60-70 point seasons. Not much help, but I don't think there's a huge difference. Konecny for Q#2.
  24. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    After looking closer at Tkachuk and DeBrincat, I think your correct to pursue Tkachuk.
  25. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Thanks. Do you guys see a big difference between Tkachuk and DeBrincat? I've already gone back to the other Gm asking for Tkachuk. Wondering if I should tweak the offer now.
  26. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Same,and I think Konecny may turn out to be the best of the 4 of them ( nothing to do with fact I recently acquired him in GNFL)
  27. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    I'd go with DeBrincat and Konecny. I believe DeBrincat has shown he can play in the NHL and can handle the physical punishment a small player must endure.
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