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  2. Survivor Pool

    Hello everyone i will be organizing a survivor pool that will get underway starting next Saturday December 16th. i thought i would extend an invite to anyone on our site here. The one time cost of 10 bucks (Canadian), buys you 1 entry, and any other entries after that will cost you an additional 10 per. You can enter as many times as you like. There are no further entries after the 16th. All participants must etransfer the entry fee to me prior to puck drop. Once you're paid up all you gotta do is SURVIVE. You pick a winner, i collect the entries, put them on an excel spreadsheet, and email everyone everybodys picks. For those of you unfamiliar with a Survivor Pool, it works really easy. Basically not many rules. You pick a winner for the start date.(16th) If your team doesn't win, you didn't survive week 1, and you are eliminated. If your team wins, you will have to get me your next pick for the next Saturdays games. You will not be allowed to pick the same team more than once. The spreadsheet will show you everyones picks and their history of picks throughout the span of the pool. I can say this, it is a fun pool if you can survive week 1. Easier said than done !! Anyone interested just private message me your email. I will send out a list of the December 16th games on Sunday or Monday. If you email me back your pick(s), i will ask for your etransfer. The Deadline for emiling me your picks will be Thursday December 14th. i will send out a master to all players by puck drop 2pm ET on Saturday the 16th. Hope to see a few of you come along for the Survivor's FUN!!
  3. IOC bans Russia

    I'm with the Commish on this one. Some of these guys were once solid NHL players. Wolski in Colorado, for example.
  4. IOC bans Russia

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think that that roster would easily beat a world junior team when you consider that NHL-signed players aren't eligible.
  5. IOC bans Russia

    damn thats not even a Nhl caliber team, maybe even worse than AHL team. this is going to be a snoozefest, Just send the world Junior team and enjoy the show
  6. IOC bans Russia

    CBC had this potential lineup in November. Definitely a good number of KHL guys on there (Scrivens, Despres, Lee, Brule, Kozun, and more).
  7. IOC bans Russia

    wow the Russians are really swinging their dicks over this out of spite. The Canadians were aiming to drag in some of those KHL originally right? Dawes and so on?
  8. IOC bans Russia

    This is interesting though...
  9. IOC bans Russia

    If they pull Russia out, I would assume the next highest ranked team in qualification would make it. That would be Belarus, which like you said, seems unlikely. After that it's Latvia, which will also have an issue if the KHL boycotts. After that it's France. Just 2 of France's World Championships players were from the KHL (Da Costa and Damien Fleury). It'll be very interesting to see how the KHL handles this.
  10. IOC bans Russia

    And a bigger problem would be who would pay for the Team's insurance? That subject has always been a difficult issue to resolve. I doubt we see a Russian or a Belarus team.
  11. IOC bans Russia

    It just sucks that Russia has so much leverage with the KHL. IOC ban means KHL boycott means direct negative impact on virtually every other country in the world. Hopefully the non-Russian KHL teams can band themselves together to prevent a KHL boycott. That would be easier to do if Latvia or Belarus are in the tournament, though. 17 of the 25 players on Belarus's World Championship squad play in the KHL, as do 12 of the 24 non-NHLers on Latvia's WC roster. Even Finland had 11 of 22 non-NHLers in the KHL.
  12. World Hockey Manager app

    but he did mention it was due to him feeling sfhl was slow these days. i guess i hijacked!
  13. IOC bans Russia

    The Russians brought it on themselves. The Olympic women's hockey tourney may be far more interesting than the men's.
  14. World Hockey Manager app

    I was making a joke for talking about your team inside this thread that was meant to discuss the World Hockey app. HarHar
  15. IOC bans Russia

    This Olympic hockey tournament is shaping up to be just a level above shinny. I'll probably still watch, though.
  16. World Hockey Manager app

    not really,my overall stats are far from top tier, i may b a product of luck
  17. IOC bans Russia

    Yeah, they're calling it OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia). They haven't explicitly stated how it would work for team sports, but in theory they could form their own team. I doubt they would, though... who would pay travel expenses? who would pay the coach? trainers? etc.
  18. World Hockey Manager app

  19. IOC bans Russia

    Could they in fact form a team? My understanding is that clean Russian athletes can only compete as "neutrals" under the IOC flag. Would this be a team of neutrals?
  20. IOC bans Russia

    They'd probably have a good shot at this point. Although any player under NHL contract isn't eligible, right? So even those guys still playing junior wouldn't be allowed.
  21. World Hockey Manager app

    trade me in sfhl my team is strugglin!
  22. IOC bans Russia

    lets just send canada workd junior team and hope for the best !
  23. World Hockey Manager app

    Sounds fun -- I messed around with about a decade ago, and really enjoyed it (although I agree with the waiting thing... gets annoying).
  24. World Hockey Manager app

    More of a Sim. They don't have league rights to use any real players. So they create all sorts of hybrid names (ie. Bo Sedin). You have to build your team, train them, scout, build an arena, etc. It's simple to play and you can only go so quickly without spending a bunch of money. But it's still fun to mess around with. My one frustration is that you run out of things to do while building is happening and have to sit around waiting for your next league game, next days training, etc.
  25. World Hockey Manager app

    Is it a full-on sim? Or real NHL players?
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