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  1. byz

    Date of NHL Halfway Point?

    And it's gonna be an Oilers WIN!
  2. byz

    Hitchcock back

    This Talbot owner just screamed with glee
  3. byz

    Mike Matheson body slam of E Pettersson

    Like the Canucks, Pettersson was the only bright spot of my PCFL team this year. This is brutal
  4. byz

    BOLD Predictions

    That's not very BOLD! I feel like Dahlin is getting underrated. I bet he wins the Calder with 50+ points.. and a possible +/- of -50.
  5. Gotta say, I watched Pettersson versus the Oilers. He was nothing short of phenomenal. I don't know who's going to get the puck to him, but he looks like he'll be a star.
  6. With pre-season humming along and teams getting down to the nittiest and grittiest of cuts, who's surprising (good or bad) in camp for your favourite team this year?
  7. byz

    vegeta box?

    The functionality used to be there, but someone or some company abused it and the Discord developers removed it. I think the plan is to use Discord for hosting event nights (more or less). If there's a night with a lot of games, we can turn it into a community night so people show up. Maybe this Saturday? @Ydomat
  8. byz

    Erik Karlsson

    To OTT : Tierney Balcers DeMelo Norris Conditional 2nd (2019) Conditional 1st (2020) If Karlsson re-signs, OTT gets a conditional 2nd (2021) To SJ: Erik Karlsson Francis Perron Wow. I was hoping Meier would be staying, and he did, but that is a whole lot of B-level prospects there instead...
  9. byz

    Here comes Florence

    I'll make sure James sees this.
  10. byz

    Fantasy Football

    Slightly off-topic for this community, but anyone else into fantasy football? I admittedly barely follow the game, but the fantasy aspect of it is pretty fun. For those that don't, want to help me pick a new punny name for my team?
  11. byz


    Rookie games on now!!
  12. byz

    help me pick my keepers

    I think it was a career year and Giroux will regress, plus Kuznetsov will be getting a slight increase in opportunity. I may be exaggerating the difference in their respective numbers though, I think they both hover around 85 points each. Any idea if other managers are keeping Dmen?
  13. byz

    help me pick my keepers

    I think a conservative estimate for Kovalchuk is 20 goals, 20 assists this year. That still has to be a better option than having Iafallo on Kopi's line. I'm with Salros and am bullish for Kopitar to have another strong year. As for the last keeper... I'd say flip a coin. If forced, I think I'd vote Kuznetsov.
  14. byz

    Christian Dvorak Extension

    Seems high, no? I do like his upside.
  15. byz

    Skinner to Buffalo

    Oh I think Buffalo's PP is going to be great. Overall goals against? Hmmmmmm.... I'd bet they'll be close, but yeah.. I agree with the above.