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  1. byz

    2018 NHL Playoffs

    The Jets are ridiculously deep. Stastny was a fantastic add and is playing the best hockey of his career, that defense is solid all the way through, and they have GOALTENDING! They might actually do it... Vegas is tricky though. And of course, the Caps story is amazing too. They're riding on pure momentum at this point, and Ovi really is showing he's a generational player. It's incredible.
  2. Hey Leafs fans, is this guy going to see the light of day on the PP ever again? Do you see any upside or does this year seem like the new norm?
  3. byz

    Freaking Pens

    I'm reminded of the LA Kings run in 2012, where they basically walked through Vancouver, St Louis, then Arizona in a total of 14 games to the Stanley Cup Finals. IMO, easiest Stanley Cup win in history. Not that the Pittsburgh run was easy, but objectively-speaking, the Pittsburgh team last year had their #1 Dman injured, yet still had two generational talents on their team, a near-franchise level winger, a legit #1 goalie and forward depth out the ying-yang. I honestly think Nashville is the only team that had a chance against them and that Pittsburgh would've crushed anyone else in the West.
  4. Well it's working for Gmail accounts, so get with the times you guys and just switch over! Kidding, I'll try tweaking some stuff again. Another website on this server has been having issues, so I guess if we're still having issues here there might be a slightly bigger problem than I hoped.
  5. I'm too busy today to keep things updated, but I figure we should get some conversations going at the least! First up - Stastny to the Jets. Does this make WPG a cup favourite? Is St. Louis selling?
  6. byz

    Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Tkachuk's almost solidified himself as the heart of that Calgary team already. The hardest thing for smaller players is proving they can score in the NHL, and DeBrincat's done it as a rookie on a struggling Blackhawks team. Honestly, I'd flip a coin between the two. I think Debrincat could get you an 80 point season or two, Tkachuk I'd be more confident in consistent 60-70 point seasons. Not much help, but I don't think there's a huge difference. Konecny for Q#2.
  7. You may have noticed you haven't been getting PM notifications or they've been going to junk. Or maybe it's working perfectly for you. Either way, something's up with the e-mail server, and I'm looking into it. Just a FYI!
  8. Crosby Bergeron Getzlaf Karlsson Subban Price Would be my starting 5 + goalie I think. Have you guys ever seen Getzlaf take over a series? I still have nightmares from last year (Oilers).
  9. Seriously, my liver can't take it anymore. I can't even offer up a trade proposal. I've got biased opinions, but I'm curious what fans of other teams think of this tire fire.
  10. byz

    I need somebody to explain

    I'll join Zip. 1) I think Zip nailed it. This isn't a team of 4th line fringe players, it's a team of 2nd/3rd liners with (arguably) 1-2 1st liners and a legit starting goalie. The thing that keeps those guys out of the league is consistency, but if the team is forced to play them, eventually they figure it out. Vegas just has enough of those kinds of guys where they shuffled in the legit players quick enough. 2) Turris is pigeonholed as a 2C for some reason. In my mind, he's somewhere in the #25-30 best C's in the league - essentially a low #1C. Duchene's slightly better when he figures it out (IMO). Ottawa would've been better off improving their depth, considering Ryan, Burrows, Smith all dropped off a cliff and MacArthur is probably done. 3) Klingberg is QB'ing a team that found its mojo again? 4) He found some chemistry with Riley Nash and I'm going to ride the Nash rocket to championship? 5) Kings got a new coach. Tried building my team around them as much as I could this year (Toffoli, Doughty, Kuemper) because that core is still elite. Carter's hurt, but Kopitar really is damn good. I'm guessing Brown may have been on the outs with Sutter. 6) Oilers special teams is historically bad. Like, the PK is under 70% now I believe. You're just not going to win giving up 2-3 freebie goals every game. Also while it's ridiculous how many non-calls McDavid gets, it's not like the PP is much better either. Chiarelli made the team worse in the off-season (Russell signing, downgrading Eberle, not adding anyone), but I'm now pointing the finger at the stubbornness of the coaching staff. One other small note - man, we got Lucic. But that guy has been all but silent. Team's losing? Cause some ruckus man, c'mon!
  11. byz

    Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    I think Nuge heard me talking about him. 2 G tonight (so far).
  12. byz

    Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    Our 2nd best forward right now IMO. Gives up nothing defensively, and provides decent offense. What we're seeing right now though, is him giving you 40-45 points quite literally on his own (essentially quality #2C numbers). He has an anchor on one side in Lucic, and a slow 3rd liner on the other in Strome, and isn't seeing any #1PP time even though his passing skills are sublime due to McDavid occupying the same spot. If he were right-handed (for the PP), he'd be seeing 55-60 points regularly. Also, he's 53% on the draw so far this year. He's a beaut and the Oilers are going to trade him because they gave all their money to Russell instead.
  13. Turns out I've got the 4th overall pick. Is Erik Karlsson worth it?