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  1. Salros

    The Draft Day Thread

    Mikko Koskinen is a very goal goalie. Could Edmonton be convinced he's a viable #1 starting goalie? I think they might. As a Talbot owner and the present uncertainty of Crawford, I'd be happy if Talbot when to Chicago.
  2. Salros

    The Draft Day Thread

    When you have a player like Price in a market like Montreal, it's tough to do a full rebuild. For that to happen, Price must go. Would Winnipeg consider Price for Hellebuyck?
  3. Salros

    Trotz resigns - Headed to NYI???

    AS a PREVIOUS owner of Tavares, if he re-signs with the Islanders now, I'll never watch an Islanders' game again. 😁
  4. Salros

    Islanders- Tavares signs

    My Dragons are watching Tavares and Carlson walk out the door, arm in arm singing "We're in the money, we're in the money" 😡😡
  5. 12.1352 million for 8.5 years Every Tavares owner can breath a sigh of relief! Unless............................................................................ .................................................... ...................................... ................ This rumour is just a frustrating hoax put out by a GM gone mad with UFA rage!!! Now so long, Tavares manIt's time that we began to laughAnd cry and cry and laugh about it all again
  6. Salros

    Trotz resigns - Headed to NYI???

    Tavares, Carlson and Grubauer with the Islanders would be a winning combination to make the Islanders a contender. I just don't see how this happens.
  7. Salros

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    Hoffman's girlfriend better be worth it. I wonder if Florida will trade him before next season starts. If Hoffman plays with Trocheck, it could be a great combination.
  8. For some reason, I feel I'm about to be screwed when Tavares re-signs with the Islanders between June 21 to 30. I always thought he would re-sign and I could be right yet lose his rights. 😢
  9. If Kane has found some peace of mind in SJ, he will be a great player to own in the CHA for many seasons.
  10. At this moment, I'm planning on keeping him. If he keeps shooting, the powerplay success improves and he becomes a positive in the +/- category, his 8 million will seem reasonable.
  11. The percentage of players heading north of 8 million a season is growing quickly. OEL definitely deserves it. Locking up a 27 years old top pairing defensemen for 8 years should work out great for the Coyotes. If Raanta can play next season like he did during the last couple of months of this season and the offense keeps improving, Arizona could finally become a contender. Having a success in Las Vegas should help silent the Arizona haters that say you can't build a Stanley Cup team in the desert.
  12. Salros

    What an atmosphere

    Hopefully many hockey fans that see this side of Ovi and the Caps will give the them another look. I think Ovi will turn out to be a great ambassador for the NHL worldwide. I loved how they won it, a total team effort!
  13. Salros

    Tom Wilson

    I've already heard from some friends about a huge Wilson gathering to celebrate the Stanley Cup in Toronto. He's a really nice guy off the ice.
  14. First, congratulations to the Washington Capitals for winning their first Stanley Cup. They have a core of players who have worked many years for this moment. I commend Ovechkin for maturing into a leader that inspired his teammates to play their best hockey at a moment of great opportunity. He deserved the Conn Smythe Trophy. Honourable mentions to Kuznetsov and Holtby. Now what happens in the political theatre we presently live with everyday of our lives unless you’ve decided to tune it all out. Will the Don invite the Capitals to the White House? Should he? Will any of the Russians go home with the Cup and give Putin a photo opportunity? I remember when Sports was used by leaders of the World to bring people together, often as a last resort. Now, in 2018, Sports is used as a political football. What Don has done to the NFL is criminal because it’s based on so many lies. Is the NHL at risk of heading down a similar path? Will Don find a way to trash the NHL if he invites the Capitals and some players choose not to attend allowing Don to cancel his invitation? If the Caps do make it to the White House, you can be sure a pic of Ovi being hugged by Don will be sent around the world. My major problem with Teams going to the Don’s White House is that they become part of the propaganda machine supporting Don’s agenda. I’ve seen the Penguins used many times in the press (mostly on Fox) showing a sport’s team that supports the President. Of course we all know the respect shown, especially from the Canadians on the team, is a result of a well-bred social behavior. I still believe the NHL is one of the best leagues when it comes to producing good role models for our society. As to the Cup going to Russia, I have no problem with Putin raising the Cup and recognizing the NHL as the top Hockey League in the World. Any NHL player that earns the distinction of playing for the best hockey team in the World deserves their traditional day with the Cup. If Ovi wants to share the moment with Putin, I’m not going to hold that moment against Ovi even though Putin is a blight upon the Earth. I’ll be interested in reading the opinions on this subject from our community. James does’t like us discussing politics on the CHA forum but Don’s actions and the moment we find ourselves in brings me to believe that this topic deserves a thread. Just, as always, kept the discussion civil and productive or we’ll force the Man to lay down his law.
  15. Salros

    What an atmosphere

    Thanks for sharing and giving us a little taste of a great night.