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  1. Salros

    No discipline on Tom wilson?

    I agree. He's made a noticeable effort to stay on the ice and focus on his offencive skill instead of his physical dominance. But his rep will always follow him and he'll always lose when it's 50/50.
  2. Salros

    Scott Darling

  3. Salros

    Hitchcock back

    I think Talbot owners should worry. Koskinen is the better goalie and Hitchcock may want to go with the new guy. If he can help Edmonton be a better defensive team, the biggest fantasy winner could be Koskinen. But the point about Chiarelli is dead on. He's mostly responsible for creating the problem. I feel for Oiler fans. It seems like Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football. Always talking oneself into believing only to face the same reality.
  4. Salros


    Thankfully, we increased the IR slots to 5 this season. I think the newly added Overager rule and 5 IR slots have kept a number of teams in the mix that would not be without the rule refinements. James did a great job crafting the rule changes that we made last season. It's almost seems like he has a crystal ball to see the future.
  5. Salros

    Habs Oilers

    Are we seeing the rise of a Great Finn to backstop the Oilers into the playoffs? How did he look live?
  6. Salros

    Rinne signs 2 years at 5 million per

    I believe Rinne has become a much more valuable asset to trade at the end of this season. Saros will have to wait but Rinne already had some time on the IR and I expect him to spend another stint on IR before the New Year.
  7. Salros

    Alex Tuch - 4.75 for 7 Years

    If Tuch remains a second line player with PP time for the next 7 years, the Knights will look brilliant. Being a new franchise, I think they made a great move locking up a quality player with lots of potential. 4 to 5 million seems to be the sweet spot for second line players. But Tuch has the talent to be a 1st line player with the skill of a Marchand without the licking. It's a gamble but I think Vegas wins this one.
  8. Salros

    Justin Schultz Out 4 Months

    Unfortunately, Justin seems to be jinxed.
  9. Salros

    Marchand jumps Eller

    My last comment on the state of fighting in the NHL, it's a lot better than it use to be. We're down to about a couple dozen incidents requiring a suspension per season. And unlike a decade ago, the NHL has a process that's become fairly effective in dealing with an incident.
  10. Salros


    I spent my teenage years living beside the Forum but even though the Canadiens were winners back then, I was never a big supporter. I was born in TO, married in TO and my daughter was born in TO. For a couple of decades, I wandered without hockey being a part of my life. During the last couple of seasons, I've been cheering again for the Blue and White. My inner Leaf is breaking through. Now I need to attend the next Canadiens/Leafs game at the Bell Centre wearing my Tavares jersey. I'm certain I'll learn some new french swear words.
  11. Salros

    Marchand jumps Eller

    He should have licked him.
  12. Salros


    My Tavares jersey is in the mail! Never been a big fan of the red and white, especially the last few years. When I married, her 3 brothers made me swear an oath to the blue and white. I feel like I'm going back to my roots. GO LEAFS!
  13. Salros

    BOLD Predictions

    Blood sport tonight in TO. Mathews and Tavares are going to make the Canadians defense look like swiss cheese and Price will be a very busy goalie. Canadiens better stay out of the penalty box. 6 to 2
  14. Salros


    Looking forward to this season when the Cup comes home to the True North. Go Leafs. Go Oilers. Go Jets.
  15. Salros

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    Dumb. So dumb. A $5 million man does not need to prove he's a tough guy. He needs to be a better scorer. Even though he's on 2 of my teams, I hope he gets enough of a suspension that makes him grow up.