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  1. Have you ever...

    In 2014, I learned that changing your Sunday lineup can change all you players positions in your lineup for days before Sunday. I didn't notice what I had done for 2 nights and lost my playoff match by 1 hit and 2 blocks. I know the feeling and it ain't good.
  2. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    After looking closer at Tkachuk and DeBrincat, I think your correct to pursue Tkachuk.
  3. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    I'd go with DeBrincat and Konecny. I believe DeBrincat has shown he can play in the NHL and can handle the physical punishment a small player must endure.
  4. Playoff Players You Value: Who's on your list?

    I'm going to narrow my five to forwards. But selecting Nashville's D would for the team's defense sounds good to me. Crosby Kopitar Schenn Bergeron Kucherov
  5. NHLNumbers

    Seems so.
  6. IOC bans Russia

    And a bigger problem would be who would pay for the Team's insurance? That subject has always been a difficult issue to resolve. I doubt we see a Russian or a Belarus team.
  7. Empty seats in Hockeytown

    People who can afford inflated ticket prices are the ones who can spend on concessions. I believe today's model for the best return of a team's arena is not generated by the number of seats occupied but how much revenue a seat can generate while occupied. All Sports continue the trend towards becoming elite institutions that only the wealthy can afford to view personally while most fans use a screen to enjoy the event. Sports is a cash game and as the percentage of the wealthy shrinks, the arena/stadium will focus on servicing the ones who have the cash to spend making it very difficult for the middle-class fan to afford viewing their sport in-person.
  8. fantrax live scoring

    It must be based on the same data source as SportsNet. SportsNet isn't showing any game results right now either.
  9. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    The best idea I heard to deal with Galchenyuk is trade him to another team. You're not going to get much but I don't think he can work through the mental barrier he's created in Montreal because of the mismanagement. But Thunder's observation is correct. If Galchenyuk could accept the demotion and work his way to a promotion, the Canadiens could get a decent return for him.
  10. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    Price needs a new goalie coach. Pacioretty needs contacts. Drouin needs to learn how to take face-offs. Petry and Alzner need to find their game. They need better net presence. They need to practise, practise breaking out of their zone.
  11. Gord Downie

    A man who knew where his roots were. A man who cared. A man the world will miss but particularly Canadians who knew him best. A man who showed us all how to pass on with grace when one knows they're dying. I will miss you Mr. Downie but I'll listen to your words through your music until the day I die.
  12. Fantasy Baseball

    Damn. Big baseball, fantasy baseball fan until the height of the Bash Brothers steroid fiasco. Now James may suck me in to watching the Blue Jays again. Maybe by 2020, the Expos will be reincarnated here in Montreal. It feels like a Fantasy Gaming Empire being born.
  13. Winnipeg

    Oh so cruel. They never should have built their arena above First Nation's sacred ground. Cursed forever. Poor Mason. Has (had?) the talent but it doesn't always show up on the ice.
  14. Eichel Robbery

    If you're an elite player in today's NHL, $10 million is becoming the new normal. I'm expecting Tavares' salary will at least double with his next contract.