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  1. Salros

    Fantrax App

    Fantrax describes their new app as a PWA (progressive web app). If you go to their help pages, Fantrax has a fairly good info page on how to get an app on your phone.
  2. Salros

    Yzerman steps down as Lightening GM (Wow)

    Now you can have a translator robot by your side. Language soon will be a forgotten barrier (2 decades). This could explain a lot about why the Canadiens have become what they are.
  3. Salros

    Here comes Florence

    It's looking a better for Raleigh but the forecast could change again. New Jersey looks OK but I've never seen a storm's track that is so close to land change so dramatically. It could surprise again. I believe the biggest problem for Raleigh will be power. Florence is a big storm that's going to put some very heavy thunderstorms way inland. With the ground already saturated in this area, hundreds of trees will be falling on powerlines.
  4. Salros

    Here comes Florence

    Hope nobody has plans to golf at Mytle Beach this fall. They could be facing a 10 ft storm surge. This hurricane is one those that haunts your nightmares when you live in the SE.
  5. Salros

    Here comes Florence

    So I was looking at some of our GM locations. I believe we have at least 4 GM (Bardown26, bill0755, Sammynos, djb738) in the path of Hurricane Florence. I think they will not have power on Saturday. I'm proposing we postponed all Re-Entry draft until Sept 22nd. I think some people will be spending the next couple of weeks without power. Everyone north of Georgia on the East Coast is going to feel this one.
  6. Salros

    Yzerman steps down as Lightening GM (Wow)

    Are not the Tampa Bay Lighting almost good enough to win a Cup? I guess when you've won a Cup, you don't need to stick around and win another. If he does go back to Detroit, maybe he likes to rebuild a franchise instead of enjoying the fruits of his labour.
  7. Salros

    Pacioretty is a Knight

    Vegas baby! 2nd year in the Finals for the Cup. Maybe not. The D is a big ?. Fleury is in for a flurry of pucks. The Knight player smiling the most, Tuch.
  8. Salros

    help me pick my keepers

    I think the Kopitar/Kovy combo will work well and Kopitar has another big season. As to defense, could trading Kuznetov or Giroux/Rantanen bring you a better dman than Ghost? Giroux PPP will stay strong with JVR on his PP line.
  9. Salros

    Premiere League Draft Room Ramblings

    Tough, tough draft. When I'm 10 picks away, I've often found my top 8 to 9 players have been picked by the time I can make a selection. Unfortunately, I'm finding this occurrence to be the norm.
  10. Salros

    Capwise Community Nights?!

    Leafs-Oilers could be a good match for a Capwise Community Night. Unfortunately, they don't play until February.
  11. August 19- 45 days to the NHL seasoner opening game. 27 days to the 1st pre-season game. I'm pre-calling the 2018-19 season as the Canadian Teams comeback. I see Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton being playoffs teams. I'm dreaming of a Stanley Cup Final Series being played in Canada. The Networks probably won't like it but I will. But first, we need one Canadian team to make the Finals. My bet is on, as well as the early Las Vegas betting line, Toronto as the most likely team to accomplish this feat. Go LEAFS!
  12. Salros

    Ellis a Pred for 8 more years

    I've always believed Subban would put his name on the Cup. I just thought it would be with Montreal. Nashville's making some great moves to improve his chances.
  13. Salros

    Larkin - 5 year @ $6.1 AVV

    I see lucky Larkin owners leaping for joy. If Detroit turns things around in the next couple of seasons, he'll be a big part of it.
  14. Salros

    Wow! Where has the time gone

    Did he cry puppy tears or was the emotion real? I've heard many stories but I'd like to believe Gretzky was being honest and it really hurt to leave. It was a great day for LA and a very important day for the NHL. The beginnings of todays NHL's TV success in the USA goes back to this moment.