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  1. jawlesscdizzle

    Ottawa senators or quebec?

    I think Bill has it right. It's this insanity coming down from Melnyk has allowed for terrible decision making that goes on and on followed up by the cringeiest reasoning. With a front office of 1.25 people. I think most fans are ready for a rebuild as Karlsson should leave and wouldn't be surprised to see Stone offer sheeted and Duchene walk at the years end. There isn't much to cheer for and we all await the day Melnyk goes somewhere. I don't think that the lottery matters. You're playing with house money as its is, so this year or next. Least now we know what assets are infront of us right now. Maybe Melnyk bleeding money being at the bottom of the league will prompt some change, I don't know. I don't believe the NHL would move a Canadian team that's shown some greatness in the past. It's such a multi-layered shit show that always comes back to Melnyk.
  2. jawlesscdizzle

    Austin Watson

    then i think him and his agent need to get ahead of the curve and demonstrate these things. at this juncture as far as the public is concerned nothing has changed.
  3. jawlesscdizzle

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    its 4 million dollar savings over the next two years lets not forget for our fiscally responsible sens.
  4. jawlesscdizzle

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    As a sens fan I have no more words. None.
  5. jawlesscdizzle

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    Its also worth mentioning other players have moved up and down draft boards as well........ also not having played many/any additional games so its not him in a vacuum. he happens to be one of the biggest risers though
  6. jawlesscdizzle

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    The draft insiders seem pretty comfortable with it. Maybe after with fantastic showing at the U-18 they went and looked back at his tape and numbers? I don’t know friendo. Could be worth a twitter question to some of them.
  7. jawlesscdizzle

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    this is pure unbridled, infinitely refined vegeta right here. Spinning with his own force of gravity. But you're saying that almost every single draft insider is wrong in moving this kid up, because you say so based on player comparison of other years? sure centers are given more weight in the draft but disparaging him as a non top 10 pick because he wasn't at the outset of the season seems shortsighted, at best. Maybe by the sheer number forum posts the force of its gravity can drag his pre-draft ranking down hahahaha Bergs is in a fuckin hole and he needs results right now. You'll have a good player be it tkachuk kotkaniemi or zadina
  8. jawlesscdizzle

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    I think it is pretty telling as well when a bunch of the past and present hockey wives jumped in to the Karlsson's defense. Being a Sens fan is the worst. With this and Randy Lee and Melnyk/Alfie debacle this spring it's all bad in every way.
  9. jawlesscdizzle

    Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    is it the captaincy or the crushing force of the montreal fanbase and media ?
  10. jawlesscdizzle

    Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    other than speaking french and willingness for big moves that have yet to really have made the team any better what has Bergevin done? his draft record is shit to boot. does look good in a suit..... but yep. I don't think its a total tear down but he clearly isn't the guy going forward.
  11. jawlesscdizzle

    IOC bans Russia

    wow the Russians are really swinging their dicks over this out of spite. The Canadians were aiming to drag in some of those KHL originally right? Dawes and so on?
  12. jawlesscdizzle

    Eichel Robbery

    its a shame the players are categorically terrible at negotiating and lack foresight to plan ahead in most instances. People were calling out the olympics as a wedge against the players for a while and here we are. its something on the table the owners are going to use to concede more things from the players that should of been thought through years ago. I love this sport but i reallllllllllllllllllly hate the NHL
  13. jawlesscdizzle

    Eichel Robbery

    Karlssons contract better not eclipse mcdavid hahaha. sens would have to sell the cow at that point. Makes you wonder with Draisaitl and Eichel how they ended up with such a gap between the two contracts.
  14. jawlesscdizzle

    Draisaitl - 8 years @ $8.5AVV

    That why i said its worth pennies or the start of pet semetary 3. whichever you'd prefer.
  15. jawlesscdizzle

    Draisaitl - 8 years @ $8.5AVV

    Eklund rumored they were looking to trade, possibly with Colorado, take that for the pennies thats worth.