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  1. Zipper14

    Karlsson - 1yr 5.25

    That's Tom Wilson money!
  2. Zipper14

    Ryan Spooner 2 x 4 mill

    They win every lockout though. They get to roll back the salaries and start where they left off a couple years before. And suckers like me can’t help but flock back to their TVs.
  3. Zipper14

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    I guess my point is that these guys showed a scoring touch in their first few years. Wilson didn’t, until paired with some of the best players in the world, and he still didn’t produce like an average top sixer. Dustin Brown was producing at a Wilson type rate for years and he went unclaimed in most CHA leagues.
  4. Zipper14

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    All of these guys had more points in their first full season than Wilson’s career high, which was an anomaly. Iginla got 50 points in his rookie year. Wilson got 35 last year, and that is almost double his career average. Maybe Wilson’s 35 points was his breakout. I don’t think he’ll do more than that.
  5. Zipper14

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    Checks watch. Seems like we’re due for another lockout and salary rollback.
  6. Zipper14

    Jack Johnson Signs with Penguins

    Man, Torterella is as thin skinned as the president. What a snowflake.
  7. Zipper14

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Oh yea, I forgot about Leivo. He’ll work as a 4th line centre. Still lots of other talent in the minors who might work with him and Brown.
  8. Zipper14

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Kapanen, Kadri and Johnson is better than a lot of third lines out there. Kapanen and Johnson would be in most teams’ top six. Fourth line one of Brown, Cracknell, Martin? Maybe that’s a bit below average, but they can add a depth piece at the deadline.
  9. Zipper14

    Jack Johnson Signs with Penguins

    Did Pittsburgh trade for Johnson’s rights? I thought teams were not allowed to talk specific dollar amounts during this period.
  10. Zipper14

    Monday RFA Qualifying Offer Deadline

    Yes, they become free agents.
  11. Zipper14

    Tavares to the Big Smoke?

    I can't believe no one has thought of this before. It's so simple and seems to fit exactly in the rules, but against the spirit of the rules. This has Laurence Gillman written all over it. He was just hired by the Leafs. When he was with the Canucks he thought up the Luongo contract, and the idea to keep a player on IR from the trade deadline onward in order to stay under the cap... and then just bring the player back for the playoffs (Sami Salo). He was also previously hired by the league to aide with expansion, presumably to make sure there were no loopholes in the deal.
  12. Zipper14

    Massive Trade

    Here are some more stats to suggest Hamilton is better. In fact, they back up the statement that Hamilton is elite. IMO you don’t trade elite unless you’re getting elite back, but there must be more to the story that we don’t know about. Apparantly Someone said on the radio that Hamilton went to the museum when the rest of the team went out for dinner together. That doesn’t sound too bad...
  13. Zipper14

    Massive Trade

    Ah, the Fox news does help a bit, but it still seems like poor asset management. I think some team out there would be willing to pay for him. I’m probably harder on Lindholm than most. But I owned him for a year and a half and was pretty disappointed. $5 million a year is steep for a guy who puts up 40 points and doesn’t do much else. If you don’t want Ferland then trade him for a pick - don’t overpay a complimentary middle six winger. Sven Baertchi can be had at the deadline. Hanafin doesn’t seem as good defensively as Hamilton, but I don’t have any stats to back that up. I see Hamilton as a top 10 dman in the league, and Hanafin is a second pairing guy right now.
  14. Zipper14

    Massive Trade

    Calgary got destroyed here. Hamilton is waaaay better than Hanafin will ever be, and Ferland is probably a shade better than Lindholm. Throw in a pretty good prospect and you’ve got a doozie. I’d be hitting the veto button if this came through our site .
  15. Zipper14

    The Draft Day Thread

    That would be great! Dobson would work, too.