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  1. Zipper14

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    Yea. What a jerk. I thought it was an unwritten rule in the preseason that vets take it easy on the physical stuff unless a young guy starts it. No reason for that at all, except to be a sociopath.
  2. Hahaha, I was hoping he would take a look. He's not the only one though....
  3. PCFL is stalling out. I think a couple of GMs think they are being skippeed, when they actually aren’t 🤔.
  4. Yea. He’s something to be excited about. If he can stick at C then maybe he could make things happen with Eriksson and Baertschi. If he’s not at C then there’s no one good to put him with. Offense dies when Sutter touches the puck.
  5. Pretty much every Canuck has disappointed except Petterson. Demko, not good. Dahlen, meh. Goldobin, lots of turnovers.
  6. Zipper14

    vegeta box?

    I think the discord can serve this role now.
  7. Zipper14

    Fantrax App

    Maybe I’m doing it wrong? The problem comes when I go to another app and then back to the fantrax app. Then it either wants to start all over again, or launch the website.
  8. Zipper14

    Fantrax App

    Yea, I did that. But it doesn’t seem to do more than launch a new page of the mobile site, but I obviously have the mobile site running at all times on my phone . So it’s not hat helpful.
  9. Zipper14

    Fantrax App

    The app stopped working for me when I got a new phone. Is there an app for iOS? I can’t find it when I search the App Store. The mobile site works great though. I rarely need a PC these days.
  10. Zipper14

    Pacioretty is a Knight

    Better return than I expected from the Habs. Not because of the value of Patches, but because of Bergevin’s incompetence. All accounts are Kotkaniemi needed help at the prospects tourney. Glad he got some.
  11. Zipper14

    Little teary eyed

    Hahahaha, I'm shocked he didn't turn in to a high calibre sniper. Live and learn I guess. Welcome back Fuku!
  12. Zipper14

    Karlsson - 1yr 5.25

    That's Tom Wilson money!
  13. Zipper14

    Ryan Spooner 2 x 4 mill

    They win every lockout though. They get to roll back the salaries and start where they left off a couple years before. And suckers like me can’t help but flock back to their TVs.
  14. Zipper14

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    I guess my point is that these guys showed a scoring touch in their first few years. Wilson didn’t, until paired with some of the best players in the world, and he still didn’t produce like an average top sixer. Dustin Brown was producing at a Wilson type rate for years and he went unclaimed in most CHA leagues.
  15. Zipper14

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    All of these guys had more points in their first full season than Wilson’s career high, which was an anomaly. Iginla got 50 points in his rookie year. Wilson got 35 last year, and that is almost double his career average. Maybe Wilson’s 35 points was his breakout. I don’t think he’ll do more than that.