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  1. Zipper14

    The Draft Day Thread

    That would be great! Dobson would work, too.
  2. Zipper14

    The Draft Day Thread

    I'd be happy if the Canucks took almost anyone but Tkachuk with their pick. But I was hoping for anyone but Virtanan when he was picked, and that didn't work out...
  3. Haha, it was intended as a joke. Bit it if it does count them I’m sure I can find another source saying the same thing .
  4. Here’s one source! Completely reliable.
  5. Zipper14

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    Yea. That’s a contract dump for the Sharks, and a dman who is a long shot to make an impact. Terrible trade for Ottawa, but at least they dealt with the issue quickly.
  6. Zipper14

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    I don't think he has influence, I think he's relaying to the public what he's hearing from scouts and GMs around the league. I'd think rankings are adjusted because teams are looking at game tape. Season is over so GMs and scouts have time to focus their attention, have debates and fine tune their lists.
  7. Zipper14

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    This is laughable for MTL. They’re the new Canucks. Now I expect them to draft Tkachuk. The Domi contract even fills like an overpay. Best at case scenario they traded a guy who can play centre for a winger of equal skill, and that’s if Domi rebounds.
  8. It’s too bad for us owners. I think he’ll re-sign with the Islanders, but not in time :(.
  9. If he gets back to his 2015-2016 numbers it's a great deal for CHA owners. And if Arizona improves then his +/- and his PP numbers should come back.
  10. Zipper14

    The Cup, The Caps, Don and Vlad

    I was sort of wondering this myself. Will Putin pressure Ovie to take the Caps to the White House? Obviously Smith-Pelly would not be on board, and players would have to choose sides.
  11. Zipper14

    What an atmosphere

    They cheered Bettman! Don’t they know the rules??
  12. Zipper14

    Metro Division - 3 Cups in a row

    You must be from Ft St John then! It’s nice to have another northerner around. I have young kids, so we can’t make most games. But we try to make it to the one or two day games they play a year, but it’s always a good time!
  13. Zipper14

    What an atmosphere

    I'm jealous! It was quite a game. Would have been awesome to see live!
  14. Zipper14

    Metro Division - 3 Cups in a row

    Congrats to Ovie and the Caps!! Glad to see the hard-hitting sniper win a cup. If Ovie was Canadian I think he'd be the NHL's favourite player. As a Holtby owner I'm glad he's the starter again . As someone in Prince George I'm psyched that Brett Connolly will bring the cup here! (This is a thread about the Capitals, right?)
  15. Zipper14

    Tom Wilson

    Didn’t Perron come off the bench to go after Overchkin in that incident? It looked like it, though Perron didn’t do much once he got out there.