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  1. Bagwell

    Ellis a Pred for 8 more years

    Nice work, Preds. Dang.
  2. Bagwell

    All drafts

    That's pretty impressive!
  3. Bagwell

    Larkin - 5 year @ $6.1 AVV

  4. Bagwell

    All drafts

    PCFL - 50 ECFL - 27 HUEL - 28 NAFL - 34 WCFL - 28 IFHL - 40 SFHL - 27 GNFL - 26 CFHL - 64
  5. Bagwell

    Matt Dumba Extension with Wild

    I believe you both have access to PMs, no? Also, this seems like a great contract for a 40-60 point d-man.
  6. Bagwell

    adam henrique 5x5.85

    I might be losing it. I was looking at Vermette. Jesus. It looks like he had a decent turn-around with Anaheim for his advanced stats though. ...although it looks like they sheltered him a bit - or at least provided him more offensive opportunities.
  7. Bagwell

    adam henrique 5x5.85

    Good real-life contract, not a great fantasy option.
  8. Bagwell

    Kucherov Extension

    Yzerman...I miss you! Please come home.
  9. Bagwell

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Yeah, that's going to diminish the return you get on Karlsson by quite a bit - not to mention the future product you put on the ice. I'd be incredibly salty if I were an OTT fan.
  10. Bagwell

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    I know he was hurt all of last season, but 925K? Sheesh. The year before, Fabbri had .57 PPG. They must be really concerned about that ACL.
  11. Bagwell

    JT Miller Re-Signs with Tampa

    I don't know. Fantasy-wise, it's an OK contract. But, in the real world, I'll take that seven days a week. Jimothy Timothy has put up almost 60 points the last two seasons. He plays between 15-17 minutes per night, two of which are on the PP. Plus, there is the potential that he sticks on a line with Stamkos and Kucherov. To me, it's not a question -- I'm taking on that contract. In fact, if you have JT Miller in another league and want him off of your books, holler at me. Here are some comparables (name; age; AAV; PPG last season): JT Miller; 25; 5.25M; .707 Niederreiter; 25; 5.25M; .508 Zibanejad; 25; 5.35M; .653 Palat; 27; 5.3M; .625 R. Smith; 27; 5M; .896 Tatar; 27; 5.3M; .415 (thank you, Ken Holland) B. Schenn; 26; 5.125M; .854 Obviously these aren't perfect examples, but were likely used in discussions wth TB.
  12. Bagwell

    Monday RFA Qualifying Offer Deadline

  13. Bagwell

    Massive Trade

    I thought you were giving the line-up and I was like, “those might be the wrong positions.” Nice work, Canes! Their D was pretty good last year. Now, it’s slightly better and still improving with each year. Scoring should be improved with Svech. Do you think they’re targeting any FAs? Whatre they going to do with goaltending? Ride out Darling?
  14. Bagwell

    Kovalchuk signs with LAK

    Damn, and I thought my re-entry picks would be useless. Maybe I shouldn’t have traded them away. Ha!