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  1. Bagwell

    The Draft Day Thread

    My guess is that the Nucks end up with Hughes. In any case, here's my list: 1. Dahlin (BUF) 2. Svechnikov (CAR) 3. Kotkaniemi (MTL) 4. Zadina (OTT) 5. Dobson (ARZ) 6. Bouchard (DET) 7. Hughes (VAN) 8. Tkachuk (CHI) 9. Wahlstrom (NYR) 10. Boqvist (EDM) 11. Hayton (NYI) 12. Smith (NYI) 13. Farabee (DAL) 14. Kravtsov (PHI) 15. Samuelsson (FLA) 16. Veleno (COL) 17. Kupari (NJD) 18. Bokk (CBJ) 19. Lundestrom (PHI) 20. Noel (LAK) 21. Sandin (SJS) 22. Denisenko (OTT) 23. Kaut (ANA) 24. Wilde (MIN) 25. Alexeyev (TOR) 26. Miller (NYR) 27. Merkley (CHI) 28. Dellandrea (NYR) 29. Thomas (STL) 30. Berggren (DET) 31. Woo (WSH)
  2. Bagwell

    The Draft Day Thread

    Nor would I, haha.
  3. Bagwell

    The Draft Day Thread

    But also loses a 1C, so...
  4. Bagwell

    The Draft Day Thread

    LOL. A re-signed Patches?
  5. Bagwell

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    I have an anniversary dinner with the girlfriend tomorrow, so I'll be turning off my phone and watching the first round tomorrow morning.
  6. Bagwell

    Ottawa senators or quebec?

    This 4th overall selection reminds me of the situation with the Islanders in 2014. They had the 5th overall pick and had to decide whether to give Buffalo that pick or gamble on the first-rounder next year being lower. They gambled and that pick ended up being #21. Good call, right? Well, they used that 5th overall pick to select Michael Dal Colle (impact TBD). If I'm Ottawa, I absolutely make this pick. Yes, it's a gamble, but what're the chances they're bottom five in the league next year? Even with the garbage that's happened this off-season, anything can happen in the NHL. Plus, they have some nice young players who could make a difference: Chabot, L. Brown, C. White, Batherson, Dzingel, Chlapik, Formenton.
  7. Bagwell

    Austin Watson

    Yeah, I guess I'm speaking in an ideal world. But, in Hoffman's case, it's the actions of his girlfriend on another person. For Voynov and Watson, they are directly responsible.
  8. Bagwell

    Austin Watson

    But what about the optics??!?!?! Fuck that! One of your "potential" players beat his wife. You don't want that person in your organization whether or not they're good at slapping a rubber disc around.
  9. Bagwell

    Austin Watson

    I really hope this isn't the case...
  10. Bagwell

    Austin Watson

    Yes, this. Haha! Although, IDGAF, send him to Russia. JK
  11. Bagwell

    Austin Watson

    It's the Predators. They seem like a well-run organization. If he did this and it's verified, he'll be off of the team - without a doubt. With any luck, again if it's verified, he'll get the same treatment as Voynov.
  12. Bagwell

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    But they didn't want to trade within the division, I'm sure. That's a little rude of the Sharks' GM...and I love it.
  13. Bagwell

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    He's almost a year younger than other draft-eligible prospects. That's huge. I think concussions are a concern. Hasn't he had two already?
  14. Bagwell

    McKenzie -Final Rankings

    Didn't Kotkaniemi perform pretty well with the aerobic fitness tests at the Combine?
  15. Dang. JT and Trotz... I thought SJ cleared some space to make a run.