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  1. Have you ever...

    Not that this really matters in the NAFL. I already have these players on IR: Bergeron Palat Shattenkirk Weber And no room for these injuries: Boeser Zaitsev Rust Bishop Say goodbye to championship hopes. Ha.
  2. Have you ever...

    Forgotten to set your lineups in the first round of the playoffs? No? Just me? Awesome!
  3. Trade Deadline 2018

    Evander Kane for a ransom. DANG! Edit: never mind.
  4. Playoff Players You Value: Who's on your list?

    Sidney Crosby Dominik Hasek Henrik Zetterberg Patrick Kane Ryan Kesler
  5. World Hockey Manager app

    I'll check it out!
  6. Empty seats in Hockeytown

    Our current "leaders" here in the US are out of touch: "House Republicans issued a fact sheet about their new tax cut plan that referred to Americans earning $450,000 a year as “low- and middle-income” — even though that income level would put those taxpayers in the top 0.5 percent of all individual Americans. The median household income in the United States is $59,039, after all."
  7. Empty seats in Hockeytown

    I thought I read he wanted to play in front of his friends and family in Russia before his body gave out. I know it's easy to hate now, but winning was the status quo for the past 26 years in Detroit. Sure, maybe not a Stanley Cup every year, but we got to see the Wings play in April VERY consistently. It's looking pretty bleak right now, I'll admit. But, I wouldn't trade that previous success for anything.
  8. Happy 100th birthday NHL

    Hey, that's pretty neat!
  9. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    This made me chuckle
  10. Eichel Robbery

    I'll call it now, I guess. Ugh. Eichel finishes with over 80 points.
  11. Eichel Robbery

    WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?!?!? Also, that's a steal for Eichel.
  12. Versace Rips Off Flying Canucks' Logo

    It's only like $1,016 too!
  13. When is your draft? I'm in two Yahoo! leagues, but haven't drafted yet.
  14. Tavares&Duchene Chicken game?

    Tavares - 100% NYI Duchene - Carolina is my guess