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  1. Bagwell

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    Kraken would have such a cool logo, but I agree it just sounds off. What about Seattle Squid(s)? or
  2. Bagwell

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    OHL - Flint Firebirds AHL - Ontario Reign It's going to be tough. I do like Seattle Sound, but they'd have to come up with something creative to make the logo different from STL.
  3. Bagwell

    Broken Vasilevskiy

    Ouch. Him combined with Klingberg...woof.
  4. Bagwell

    strome for spooner

  5. Bagwell

    Tanner Pearson

    Pearson > Hagelin. I like Hagelin, but he's like Darren Helm: all speed, no finish.
  6. Bagwell

    Boroweicki Gets a Game

    Just weird because Boro is such a clean player
  7. Bagwell

    saturday night games

    Didn't see this in time, but I'll plan on next Saturday,
  8. Bagwell

    Alex Tuch - 4.75 for 7 Years

    7 years? Dang! Although, he is a second-line player on VGK, right?
  9. Bagwell

    Justin Schultz Out 4 Months

    OUCH! Hate to see that.
  10. Bagwell

    Marchand jumps Eller

    Yeah, this got out of hand a bit - like a flurry of snowflakes into a fire. Oh shoot, sorry. Haha.
  11. Bagwell

    Marchand jumps Eller

    I disagree. Taunting does not equal consent. However, taunting does fire up the other team and they will remember you and what you did. The other team should wait for the right moment to take out their frustrations. You can't just jump a player with your fists. That would be setting the precedent that if a player drops his gloves and grabs you, you HAVE TO fight him. That's ludicrous. You don't have to fight someone because you laid a hard, legal check. You don't have to fight someone because their feelings got hurt.
  12. Bagwell

    Marchand jumps Eller

    What happened to consent in a fight? This is garbage. I understand that players get angry or want other players to pay for their prior "dirty" plays, but this is obnoxious. They're down 0-7. You expect to be taunted. Grow up. Marchand had 7 fighting majors before this. Lars Eller? 0. Real tough. Personally, I get that Marchand wanted to stick up for his own, and his team's, pride. But, the penalty for this kind of retaliation should be more than a few games. I don't want to see this stuff become commonplace and watch players go down with concussions. This could seriously ruin careers...and lives.
  13. Bagwell

    BOLD Predictions

    Or Tampa, right?
  14. Bagwell

    BOLD Predictions

    Let's get weird. Florida finishes second in the Atlantic. Chytil wins the Calder Trophy (Pettersson comes in second) Provorov wins the Norris. Mrazek gets 20+ wins. Eichel gets close to 100 points. Gibson wins the Vezina. Detroit is the worst team in the Atlantic. Tampa defeats St. Louis for the Cup. Tomas Tatar scores 60+ points. Carolina makes it to the second round. Toronto makes it to the Conference Finals. Winnipeg and Nashville don't make it to the second round. Minnesota finishes last in the Central. Ryan O'Reilly wins the Selke.
  15. Bagwell

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    I don't like the word "hate," but it's pretty close with Wilson. Dude has some talent, but he's also made a lot of garbage plays like this. No need. I hope he gets at least 5.