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  1. djb738

    Who wins Game 7

    I think Tampa got a little embarrassed last game as Washington was much more physical than they were. That changes this game and Tampa wins.
  2. djb738

    Evander Kane Agrees to Long Term Deal

    I agree, he is a bit of a head case. When he stays out of trouble he is a great multi-cat player but is he worth that contract is the big question.
  3. djb738

    Evander Kane Agrees to Long Term Deal

    Just read it is believed to be 7 years x $7M/year
  4. Evander Kane agrees to long term deal with Sharks. Haven’t see reported contract yet.
  5. djb738

    Lou to run the Islanders

    I read somewhere that this was completely fine by the NHL and not seen as any kind of collusion.
  6. djb738


    Hurricanes....a ton of money to throw at him and a huge need for a number 1 center......oh I wish it were true.
  7. djb738


    I'm hoping the Canes go Svechnikov. Everything I have read also has him as the 2nd best prospect and best forward prospect. There is the Zadina appeal because of his playing time with Necas but I would still lean Svechnikov. I dislike some of what I have heard here in Carolina that they may go Tkachuk because he is the prospect most ready to step in and help you win now.
  8. djb738


    Couldn't have been happier to see the Canes jump from 11 to 2nd overall.
  9. djb738

    fabbri out for the year

    Tough break...while I don't think it is the end, I think he needs to take the time to make sure he is fully healed before attempting to come back.
  10. As a Canes fan, I love the Williams signing. That team desperately needs some goal scoring forwards and Williams is just that. Plus, he has already won a cup in Carolina so maybe that is a sign of things to come.
  11. Stepan's name is being floated around.
  12. Thought I read that a deal involving Duchene and Galchenyuk won't be happening. From what I read Colorado is looking for a dman in return of Duchene and they wanted Sergachev.
  13. djb738


    I'm glad Gostisbehere signed. I was leaning towards taking the compensation. With the way Defenseman have been getting paid in the NHL I thought he was going to get a bigger contract.
  14. djb738


    Good deal for LA...makes him more enticing to bid on.
  15. djb738

    Kucherov and Gaudreau Re-Signed

    Yzerman is a genius.