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  1. fabbri out for the year

    Tough break...while I don't think it is the end, I think he needs to take the time to make sure he is fully healed before attempting to come back.
  2. As a Canes fan, I love the Williams signing. That team desperately needs some goal scoring forwards and Williams is just that. Plus, he has already won a cup in Carolina so maybe that is a sign of things to come.
  3. Stepan's name is being floated around.
  4. Thought I read that a deal involving Duchene and Galchenyuk won't be happening. From what I read Colorado is looking for a dman in return of Duchene and they wanted Sergachev.
  5. Gostisbehere

    I'm glad Gostisbehere signed. I was leaning towards taking the compensation. With the way Defenseman have been getting paid in the NHL I thought he was going to get a bigger contract.
  6. Toffoli

    Good deal for LA...makes him more enticing to bid on.
  7. Kucherov and Gaudreau Re-Signed

    Yzerman is a genius.
  8. Alternate Skin

    Haha thanks James. I almost forgot what the normal forum looked like.
  9. Alternate Skin

    Haha this is great. I too decided it was a good idea to explore about a month or so ago and I have been stuck in James world ever since. I didn't think there was anyway out so I have learned how to live with it....please let me out of James world if possible lol.
  10. World Cup of Hockey

    I agree that level isn't completely there but I'm just excited for hockey. While I agree with you James about the Team North America and Team Europe, Team North America is so much fun to watch the way they fly around the ice. I agree Zipper, USA came to play last night and Canada didn't until it was too late. I am excited to watch them play again tonight though, I think it could be a whole different story. Im sure NHL clubs aren't to happy about some of these injuries that have already occurred or are going to occur.
  11. Most famous person contest.

    I got to meet Mark Messier when his son played for the minor league hockey team I worked for.
  12. Go

    No just saw it on Twitter haha
  13. Go

    New realty postings...
  14. 2016 Top Forwards Poll

    Hanzal, Vermette, Dvorak can play center, and Dauphin. Will be interesting what they do with Strome.