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  1. djb738

    NHL Point System Poll

    I don't like giving a point for a shoot out or over time loss.....it's almost like giving a kid a participation trophy
  2. djb738

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    NHLPA is officially appealing the suspension
  3. djb738

    Marchand jumps Eller

    Don't lose by 7 goals and expect to not get taunted....plus these are grown men not kids we are talking about.
  4. djb738

    Marchand jumps Eller

    Of course Ellers fought back and didn't turtle. I'm not sure there are many people when getting punched in the head that would just sit there and take it without trying to defend themselves. Celebrations and taunting are apart of all sports. Should a player be jumped every time...heck no. As Bagwell, mentioned what if Ellers (who didn't want to fight) got knocked out cold fell back and bashed his head against the ice causing him to have concussion symptoms for the rest of his life....maybe that is the extreme but it could happen....all because someones feelings were hurt because they got taunted being down 7-0.
  5. djb738

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    NHL should start telling Wilson he will be out as long as the player he injured is out with a minimum of 10 games. If the player he lays one of these dirty hits on is out 3 months then Wilson is out 3 months.
  6. djb738

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    I don't like these hits but I wish players would start laying these hits on Wilson. Obviously suspensions and fines have no effect on him. Maybe he needs to experience these hits multiple times to stop doing them.
  7. 7 year $5.2M/year extension.
  8. Hurricanes = Stanley Cup Champs.....is it too early?
  9. djb738

    Fantrax App

    Yep, I posted the link above which takes you right to the page.
  10. djb738

    Fantrax App

    When I launch it, it is only Fantrax. I majority of the time it takes me to the last league I was in.
  11. djb738

    Fantrax App

    Hmmm I use it and get a didn’t reaction. It doesn’t launch a new web page for me.
  12. djb738

    Fantrax App

    See the link above
  13. djb738

    Fantrax App

    See the link above
  14. djb738

    Fantrax App

    https://www.fantrax.com/app/ios There new progressive app. Probably not supporting the old one.
  15. djb738

    Zetterberg to retire

    They are circumventing the cap because they are putting him on LTIR and he will not "officially" retire (even though he is). This creates more cap flexibility by listing him as LTIR than retired. Similar thing to Franzen. Everyone knows they are never playing again due to injury but they are listed as LTIR.