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  1. Playoff Players You Value: Who's on your list?

    I would like to have: Crosby, Bergeron, Kesler, MacKinnon Oh, and the entire Nashville D-squad if I have any money left
  2. All Star Rosters

    What were your opinions on John Scott last year? We're you hoping for another similar pick this year? I thought it was cool at first during voting, but the more hype it got the more annoying it became. I heard they considered making a movie about it at one point
  3. All Star Rosters

    Which team looks the strongest from the all star selections? The Metropolitan reminds me of the '96 USA Dream Team! They probably have the weakest defense, but amazing forwards and goaltending. My ranking goes: Metropolitan Atlantic Central Pacific
  4. Most famous person contest.

    Vanna White is still around?? I remember watching wheel of fortune when I was home sick from school about 30 years ago. Is she still hot?