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  1. Ydomat

    Tom Wilson

    I believe that is Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson now...
  2. Ydomat

    The Cup, The Caps, Don and Vlad

    Im interested to see how this plays out. mainly from a Media spin angle. no matter what happens there will be people trying to tear the situation apart anywhere they can because its flashy. As far as how i feel about it... I think Ovi will want to take the Cup to russia (he should). Trump will find a way to make it about him (he always does). Putin play a part somehow (as he does when russia is involved). And as for me ill pop popcorn and watch as the media in the US tears it all apart in no helpful or constructive way whatsoever. Super Happy for the Caps tbh, including Oshie and Eller (former Blues), right now they should celebrate and not care about the politics or any of that!
  3. Ydomat

    What an atmosphere

    I'm not sure how many Caps fans were there but it seemed like a really incredible atmosphere for a SCF. Ovi was absolutely on fire with passion/emotion. So was the lady in the white dress in the glass seats as well!
  4. Ydomat


    JOMO transcends clutch.
  5. Ydomat

    Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Konecny no question for #2. First 1 is a toss up. Little guys who score are always a huge question mark for me... but i would probably gamble and go with DeBrincat. He will get all the ice time/opportunties to play if hes healthy.
  6. Ydomat

    World Hockey Manager app

    I've been playing this the last few weeks. it is pretty cool!
  7. Ydomat

    Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    there are a few teams that don’t draft Russians/sign Russians. They just aren’t obvious about it. STL is very glad that’s the case. If only we had a unproven/mediocre French Canadian player/prospect to trade them for galchenyuk...
  8. Ydomat

    Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    they can start with caring more about being a good team instead of being French Canadian (not knocking it heritage is important but its not going to win games for them).
  9. Ydomat

    fabbri out for the year

    also to keep in mind is that your PPS being filled is not a requirement. its there if you can/want to use it. as we go through the season/subsequent seasons it will become more clear the uses for the PPS.
  10. Ydomat

    fabbri out for the year

    This is the Capwise solution to prorated LTIR that the NHL uses among other things. if a player is on IR a whole season the team gets almost thier whole aav back in space. and they can use that however they want. (this is how the NHL works not Capwise for clarity sake). there is also the injured players who DONT go to IR (for whatever reason) those can also be used in this slot. which is helpful if you just want to call up a youngster who is playing well, or get a few extra games you would otherwise miss in (since you cant use an IR spot for that player).
  11. Ydomat

    fabbri out for the year

    James' thinking wiht the PPS is not another avenue for Streaming players, its to allow teams flexibility when they have longterm issues or injuries. the PPS is perfect because it allows you to stash that player who you KNOW is out for the year and that does not take up an IR spot. meaning if you have other injured players that are injured in the short term they can still occupy your IR slots and you get Replacements for them. if you put fabbri on IR you are locked in to a replacement for his spot and managing that all year. as opposed to opening up a roster spot entirely. meaning anyone can fill that space and you dont need to manage the replacement aspect. Yes its a choice how you use it. but the intent is to provide more flexibility around players who are out long term.
  12. Ydomat

    fabbri out for the year

    Yeah this sucks... only silver lining is that opens another spot for the 4 or 5 guys battling for spots. Is it a St. Louis thing.... Sam Bradford back to back knee injuries.... Fabbri same thing... hmmm. Blues Fabbri, Steen, Bouwmeester, sanford all injured right now. some out for extended time.
  13. Might be better to go Holtby tbh. if you are only getting points for wins and SO's you shold maximize that..
  14. Ydomat

    Draisaitl - 8 years @ $8.5AVV

    just for clarifications sake... is your grand grand mother dead or her cat? asking for a friend.
  15. Ydomat

    Something Interesting happened to me.

    Bazos took over for like 18 hours lol. Thats an awesome happenstance blue charm!