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  1. Maybe Montreal will call them up and offer to trade Price for him though.
  2. June 25 is the deadline. Still holding out hope for a miracle trade, ha
  3. James

    The Draft Day Thread

    Pens gotta make room for Tavares!
  4. James

    Trotz resigns - Headed to NYI???

    They've got 28 million in space, and need to sign 4 F, 2 D, an a goalie. Carlson, Grubauer, and Tavares combined is at least 20 million... probably more like 23. Plus you've got Anders Lee and Beauvillier up for new contracts next year, and barzal the year after. Yeah, it ain't happening.
  5. James

    [Trade] Galchenyuk for Domi

    Jim Rutherford making room for Tavares? IT COULD HAPPEN, PEOPLE.
  6. Just want to make sure it's clear -- if Tavares re-signs on June 20, you'll still lose him. He needs to have a deal done, with at least 2 reliable sources reporting on it, by the end of the day on June 19. Good luck!
  7. James

    Metro Division - 3 Cups in a row

    Except when Crosby didn't get it in 2009, of course
  8. James

    Metro Division - 3 Cups in a row

    By the way, Kuznetsov only being the 5th person with 30+ points is fake news. Gretzky (x6), Lemieux (x2), Coffey, Malkin, Bossy, Gilmour, Sakic, Messier (x2), Leetch, Recchi, Stevens, Middleton, Pederson, Kurri (x2), Simpson, Bure, Crosby, MacInnis have all done it. 6 players have hit 35 points... 2 have topped 40 points. Also, the playoffs only switched to 4 rounds in 1980, for what it's worth. Now, if we're talking about "modern times"... say, post 2004-05 lockout? Then Kuznetsov would be tied for 2nd with the 2009 Crosby (5 points behind 2009 Malkin). Either way, I think Ovechkin has been much more of a catalyst for this team overall with his league-leading 14 goals. Also, did you know Kuznetsov is at 38% in faceoffs? Woof. THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY TIME I WILL EVER ARGUE IN OVECHKIN'S DEFENSE. DON'T GET USED TO IT.
  9. James

    Metro Division - 3 Cups in a row

    I think it'll go to ovechkin. Heart and soul of the team. Kuznetsov is very deserving though. Prior to this series I would have said fleury was in the running, even if they lost. Not so much anymore. Not to say these losses have been his fault, but they've put a dent in his numbers for sure.
  10. James

    Who wins Game 7

    I think we forget to count gretzky as a great goal scorer because he wasn't the same kind of sniper that we generally think of now... honestly I'm too young to know if bossy was that kind of player, too. But gretzky was definitely a great goal scorer in the way that Crosby is... It's like his third or fourth best attribute, but he still did it better than almost anyone else.
  11. James

    Who wins Game 7

    For a more complete picture we should probably be weighing things like TOI, power play goals, power play goals as a percentage of total goals, shooting percentage, shooting percentage vs. League average, etc.
  12. James

    Who wins Game 7

    Nhl.com's stats engine is truly incredible. Makes all of this research relatively easy to do. It's just a matter of picking the data points that are most relevant. It is maybe a little unfair to use percentage of team's goals as a focal point. Ovechkin has played with some great players, but bossy had to share with trottier his entire career. Trottier of 9 consecutive 30+ goal campaigns, 5 of them 40+
  13. James

    Who wins Game 7

    I think the only fair way to compare players across eras is to compare them relative to their contemporaries. During Bossy's career, the Islanders had 3,322 goals, of which Bossy scored 573 (17.2%). So far in Ovechkin's career, the Caps have 3,093, of which Ovechkin scored 607 (19.6%). If you look at the top goal scorers in Ovechkin's era... his 607 dominates the next best... 411, 384, 382, 379, 375. His goals per game is also tops... 0.61 to Kovalchuk/Stamkos's 0.52 and Crosby's 0.48. Bossy also dominated goal scorers in his era (with the exception of Gretzky, of course)... 573 for Bossy to Gretzky's 543 and Dionne's 461. Trottier is 4th with 378. Looking at goals per game, Bossy is second to Gretzky... 0.86 to 0.76. And ahead of Kurri's 0.68 and Tim Kerr's 0.61. And then, of course, you have to look at the NHL as a whole... in Bossy's era there were 24 different teams that combined for 61,085 goals (2545 goals per team). In Ovechkin's era, 33 teams have combined for 85,953 goals (2604 goals per team). Of course, that's only 10 seasons for Bossy vs. 12.585 seasons for Ovechkin. So goals per team per season for Bossy... 254.5. Goals per team per season for Ovechkin... 208.32. This assumes that the players each played full seasons. Worth noting that Bossy missed some time over his career... a total of 48 games, or 4.8 games per season. Ovechkin has missed 63, or 5.0 games per season. So factoring that in... Ovechkin has scored 22.8% of the Caps' goals in games that he's played. Bossy scored 18.3% of the Isles's goals in games that he played. So I guess I'd conclude... If Ovechkin played in Bossy's era for an average team, averaging approx 3.18 goals per game, and if he played the same number of games as Bossy (752)... you could argue that he'd score 545 goals. And if Bossy played in Ovechkin's era for an average team, averaging approx 2.54 goals per game, and if he played the same number of games as Ovechkin (1003)... you could argue that he'd score 466 goals. So I've spun myself in a circle. All in all, I think I'd say Ovechkin's the "greater" goal scorer, mostly on the grounds that he has nearly a full 0.1 goals per game more than the next guy. Bossy wasn't even the most productive goal scorer of his era... that goes to Gretzky.