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  1. CFHL is done now. 4 leagues down, 5 to go!
  2. Cough... TIM... cough cough.
  3. I haven't necessarily heard that, because Buckley (the new guy) was always Murray's guy in the first place (he was the Pens "goalie development coach" when Murray was in the system. But I think from an outsider's point of view, it's definitely gotta be considered as part of the problem. Honestly I mostly just think that a) Murray's not actually that great of a goalie (relatively speaking), and b) he was stuck behind a very subpar Pens defense last season. Couple that with the time he missed from his dad dying and the concussion, and I think it just killed his confidence. Only saving grace last year, really, was that there wasn't much of a challenge on his job while he was out. It'll be interesting, for sure, to see how he handles it if DeSmith really does challenge for starts here and there this year.
  4. Penguins look pretty sharp in the 2.5 games I've watched so far. Haven't really seen anyone playing though... Brass, Sheahan, Malkin, etc. Some takeaways: - Jack Johnson is super strong. Looking forward to seeing what he's capable of... I think he might fit real nicely. The real question is just how the pairings shakeout. Letang/Dumoulin seems the obvious top pair. I don't love the idea of Maatta with Johnson, though. We'll see. - Juuso Riikola could actually be an NHL defenseman someday. Honestly I like him as the #7 defenseman better than Ruhwedel or Trotman or Corrado. Something to keep an eye on. He's still quite young. - Dominik Simon sucks. Derek Grant is better, and should replace him. - Teddy Bluegers would easily be a bottom 6 center on just about any other team in the league. He's buried soooo deep on the depth chart (Crosby, Malkin, Brassard, Sheahan, Cullen, Grant, Bluegers... J-S Dea might even be in there ahead of Bluegers. Management loves him.). Kind of disappointing, really. But he's looking really, really solid. Another year or two and we'll probably see him in the NHL somewhere. - Bryan Rust looks phenomenal. He's almost making Carl Hagelin expendable, really. The thought of a 4th line of Sheahan/Cullen/Rust is pretty nuts. Gotta be among the best 4th lines in the league. But what Rust's play really does is put the heat even more on Daniel Sprong. - Speaking of Daniel Sprong... he does look really good, but he's just SO inconsistent. From shift to shift... even within the same shift sometimes... he's sometimes exactly where he should be and sometimes exactly where he shouldn't be. I suspect GMJR is going to force Sully to try to make this line combo work (Guentzel/Crosby/Sprong). But if Sprong can't find some consistency, I really think that top 6 will see a shakeup pretty quickly. You might see Sprong down on L3 before long with Rust or Hornqvist getting time in the top 6. - I've seen each of the Pens' three goalies play once now (although I'm still only halfway through watching Murray's game). Murray does NOT look confident. He's obviously got talent, and he's got the most experience, but there's just something about him that looks shaky to me. Casey DeSmith looked really good in his start... and that was with a terrible Pens lineup against a stacked Buffalo lineup. He's super confident, extremely athletic, and sees the puck really well. Jarry gave up a hideous rebound for the game-tying goal, and wayyyy over-committed on the OT winner. He's AHL-bound anyway since he's waivers-exempt and DeSmith isn't. Given Murray's health history, and the lack of confidence he seems to be playing with (not to mention his .907 last year), DeSmith is a real interesting player to keep an eye on in fantasy.
  5. 2 seconds per pick, baby!
  6. James

    vegeta box?

    Maybe tim could find a way to integrate the discord server into the forum as a widget. Tim? Tim?
  7. James

    Zetterberg to retire

    For our league's purposes, it's a retirement. Which means he'll be released at no charge from any team that owns him. If you own him, please drop him on Fantrax. i've already taken care of the spreadsheets.
  8. James

    Erik Karlsson

    92-93... Iafrate and Hatcher had 65 and 79 respectively for the Caps. Pretty sure that's the most recent.
  9. James

    Fantrax App

    Or any of you can! Seems like a user issue to me.
  10. James

    Fantrax App

    Oh, i see that's the same thing. And yes, I also see those Draft Rooms have disappeared. And yet, if I go directly through a browser, everything's fine.
  11. James

    Fantrax App

    Is there a new one? I'm using the one I've always used. Although I don't really use it... I just use the mobile site through a browser
  12. James

    Fantrax App

    Hmm. I never had it from the app.