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  1. I need somebody to explain

    Also, the Penguins.
  2. NHLNumbers

    It also seems like you can't get past the first page of players there, right? Weird... somehow that website is getting worse and worse. Don't forget that you can use our spreadsheet to search for players cap hits. I know it's annoying to open the spreadsheet every time, but it's an option. Also CapFriendly.com is usually in line with NHLNumbers, and DOES have a search option.
  3. IOC bans Russia

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think that that roster would easily beat a world junior team when you consider that NHL-signed players aren't eligible.
  4. IOC bans Russia

    This is interesting though...
  5. IOC bans Russia

    If they pull Russia out, I would assume the next highest ranked team in qualification would make it. That would be Belarus, which like you said, seems unlikely. After that it's Latvia, which will also have an issue if the KHL boycotts. After that it's France. Just 2 of France's World Championships players were from the KHL (Da Costa and Damien Fleury). It'll be very interesting to see how the KHL handles this.
  6. IOC bans Russia

    It just sucks that Russia has so much leverage with the KHL. IOC ban means KHL boycott means direct negative impact on virtually every other country in the world. Hopefully the non-Russian KHL teams can band themselves together to prevent a KHL boycott. That would be easier to do if Latvia or Belarus are in the tournament, though. 17 of the 25 players on Belarus's World Championship squad play in the KHL, as do 12 of the 24 non-NHLers on Latvia's WC roster. Even Finland had 11 of 22 non-NHLers in the KHL.
  7. IOC bans Russia

    Yeah, they're calling it OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia). They haven't explicitly stated how it would work for team sports, but in theory they could form their own team. I doubt they would, though... who would pay travel expenses? who would pay the coach? trainers? etc.
  8. IOC bans Russia

    They'd probably have a good shot at this point. Although any player under NHL contract isn't eligible, right? So even those guys still playing junior wouldn't be allowed.
  9. World Hockey Manager app

    Sounds fun -- I messed around with HockeyArena.net about a decade ago, and really enjoyed it (although I agree with the waiting thing... gets annoying).
  10. World Hockey Manager app

    Is it a full-on sim? Or real NHL players?
  11. IOC bans Russia

    Big news for the Olympic hockey tournament. Looks like Russia-based Russians won't be allowed to participate, but Russian athletes living/training in other countries could (this is how it was in the Rio Games). The KHL has threatened to boycott if a ban came down, which could mean potential American and Canadian players currently playing in the KHL will be barred from participating. Are there enough Russians playing outside of Russia to form a team? Could Belarus get in if Russia's out? Are there enough Belarussians outside of Dinamo Minsk to even field a team? Would Latvia have the same issue, too? How bad is it for Finland if Jokerit is barred (Tolvanen, Lepisto, and others)? If Russia is banned and Belarus gets in, will the groups be re-drawn, or does the US just get a cakewalk with Slovenia, Slovakia, and Belarus in their group? So many questions. Poor Matt Gilroy.
  12. Empty seats in Hockeytown

    Plus the Lions have been so good.
  13. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    With a cap hit like his, how many teams can really afford him? I wonder if Columbus would make sense.
  14. Fantasy Baseball

    OK I PMed a few of you. Capwise Baseball, launching in 2020... ?
  15. Fantasy Baseball

    Does anyone here play fantasy baseball?