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  1. Ralphdog

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    my preferred option I've heard or read so far.
  2. Ralphdog

    Scott Darling

    Buy a long hose and close the garage door
  3. Ralphdog

    Scott Darling

    And I really thought he was going to take the starters job and run away with it, kinda like Hutton is doing now with Buffalo. Goes to show, you can't get too excited about a back-up until he proves he can do the job of a number one.
  4. Ralphdog

    Bruins Play by Play Announcers

    Sure if you're not a Boston fan it's easy to hate him. Kinda like hating Lucic in his prime years mostly because he wasn't on your team. But I think he's great at what he does. He's entertaining and his excitment is contagious. If his name was Bob Cole he'd be a national hero. But I'll concede that he does come off as an asshole sometimes.
  5. Ralphdog

    NHL Point System Poll

    Ya you I was with you all the way, and then you went rogue. Less hockey??? Youve clearly gone mad.
  6. Ralphdog

    Alex Tuch - 4.75 for 7 Years

    Its a small sample size to be showing this kind of commitment for Vegas. But if he gets to where they obviously think he can get to, it could be a great contract.
  7. Ralphdog


    Ya, I look forward to the day when fighting is out of hockey. My brain tells me that's the right path to take, but my heart pumps a little faster when Big Benn gets his fight on. This one's a beaut.
  8. Ralphdog

    Marchand jumps Eller

    The thing with me and I'm sure with a few other of our brethren is that, I also have a fondness for those days. Evolution man. You can't fight it.
  9. Ralphdog

    Marchand jumps Eller

    Best thing the NHL can do is agree with James on this. Automatic game misconduct. I would also give another game if the fight were in the third period. This would take fighting way down and it would eventually grandfather itself out of the game. If I wanna watch a fight, Ill tune in and watch Boxing or UFC. I love Marchand's jam but to me this was a mugging and a beatdown of a guy that wanted no part of it. Just because it happened on a frozen sheet of ice doesnt change that.
  10. Ralphdog

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    Did you play in the Q Veg?
  11. Ralphdog

    BOLD Predictions

    Habs win 4-2
  12. Ralphdog

    BOLD Predictions

    Calder- zykov Art ross- mcjesus 150 pts Hart-see above Norris- ryan ellis Toronto meets mtl in round one Mtl wins
  13. Ralphdog

    kotkaniemi vs the 3 headed monster

    It's hard not to get a little excited, though. It's been so long since anything positive came out of rooting for the habs.
  14. Not my finest hour(s)