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  1. Ralphdog

    Who wins Game 7

    The question now is if Bossy played for Vegas, who would win game 7?
  2. Ralphdog

    Who wins Game 7

    I object your honour! Calls for speculation. All those episodes of Law and Order have finally paid off. Nailed it.
  3. Ralphdog

    Who wins Game 7

    I dont think we should underestimate the contents of Ovechkin's luggage on his time travel back to Bossy' era. Should he arrive empty handed, he would have to make due with the heavy wooden stick and clunky booted skates that were the norm of the day. And the training regimen that todays athletes are put through has them being finely tuned instruments of speed and strength.(Phil Kessel excluded of course.) Bossy was known mostly for his quick release. I shutter to think what Bossy could do in todays world with a whip for a stick.
  4. Ralphdog

    Who wins Game 7

    Great post James. Mustve taken some time to back that up. The numbers dont lie thats for sure. Unless...
  5. Ralphdog

    Who wins Game 7

    I was thinking the same thing
  6. Ralphdog

    Who wins Game 7

    Oh snap. Tonight just went from occasionally checking in on the game to glued to the screen. Damn. Thanks for the update James!
  7. Ralphdog

    Who wins Game 7

    Lightning for a shot at a free Jersey. Washington for Ovy Backstrom and Eller.
  8. Ralphdog


    I doubt it brother, just that little post will keep me going for a bit! I've been so disappointed constantly refreshing the home page hoping for something new to appear that I've taken Bagwell's advice and starting putting something together.
  9. Ralphdog


    Who is it you are referring to here?
  10. Ralphdog


  11. Ralphdog


    We had a few good reads recently but now Im getting bored. Throw up a report already.
  12. Ralphdog


    I think you overestimate the lure of the CH all together. At one time I thought the same thing about Tavares maybe coming here. But then I thought, why would he want to come here over somewhere like San Jose? Heavy media scrutiny along with language politics and an unfriendly tax situation could deter any player from coming to MTL, let alone a player that will literally have his pick as to where he ends up. I'd have to think a team like the Sharks, that are competitive year over year are a much more desirable landing spot for Tavares. That's not even taking into account the weather conditions, and if you think that weather isn't a big factor in the players minds when signing contracts just look at Winterpeg. No kidding they did it the right way through the draft and Cheveldayoff is a genius for his patient approach when you consider how historically difficult it has been to get players to sign there.
  13. Ralphdog


    San jose. You heard it here first.
  14. Ralphdog

    2018 NHL Playoffs

    I have Tampa this year in anything that involves money so they become my team for the cup. Still, seeing the Jets franchise winning it all would probably get filed under "sports romance". Maybe better still, The great 8 avoids a legacy of not being able to lead the Caps to the promised land and becomes a champion.....or Vegas breaking all the rules of logic and winning as an expansion team. And Im rooting for a Tampa team that is easily the ─║east exciting pick...the life a hockey poolie I suppose.
  15. Ralphdog

    Freaking Pens