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  1. leevaughn

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    Hoffman looks a whole bunch like a winner playing next to Barkov or Trocheck.
  2. I'm trading the #1 Re-entry in the IFHL if the right offer comes along... Who wants Johnny?
  3. leevaughn

    Karlsson v. Hoffman

    Hoffman would look good as a Penguin
  4. leevaughn

    The Cup, The Caps, Don and Vlad

    The news today has made the Presidency seem common. The seat should be respected regardless of a persons political standpoint. If the leader of your country asks you to come and be honored, you go and be honored. I'm not a fan of Trudeau. If I was asked to come to Ottawa and and take part in anything. No questions asked. I would go. It's my country and I support it. The use of sports teams. Actors. Anybody with any type of fame by our political parties is nothing more than a kissing baby photo op. Used to manipulate. It shouldn't be the case .
  5. leevaughn

    Lou to run the Islanders

    Garth Snow is a goner. I didnt think he was a GM anyways.
  6. leevaughn

    Who wins Game 7

    You also forgot Mike Ricci dashing looks. Shame.
  7. leevaughn

    Who wins Game 7

    Frank is holding his stick bad .. SMH.
  8. leevaughn

    Who wins Game 7

    Definitely Sarasota
  9. leevaughn

    Who wins Game 7

    It's science
  10. leevaughn

    Who wins Game 7

    I'd like to point out. That if Bossy came forward in time. A talent like his would have elevated his game. Trained like the players trained today. I understand it's all conjecture when dealing with eras. Most consecutive 50+ goal seasons: 9 Most 50+ goal seasons (not necessarily consecutive): 9 (tied with Wayne Gretzky) Most 60+ goal seasons (not necessarily consecutive): 5 (tied with Wayne Gretzky) Highest goals-per-game average, career (minimum 200 total goals): .762 goals per game Most power-play goals, one playoff season: 9 (tied with Cam Neely) Most consecutive hat tricks: 3 (tied with Joe Malone, who accomplished this twice) Injured at 30 . who knows how many more times he could have lit the lamp. Tied with the GOAT for 2 of those records. Until records are broken .. and records get broken ... speculation isn't a leg to stand on.
  11. leevaughn


  12. leevaughn

    Who wins Game 7

    I think Bossy might have Issue with this statement.
  13. leevaughn


    I think everybody underestimates the prestige that comes along with returning the CH to the promised land. If Bergevin can talk and pay I see it as a huge possibility. A top level scoring winger in Pax. Shea Weber who everyone is counting out. Carey Price. Something he has never had is a star goalie. A potential phenom rookie and a decent supporting cast in Byron , Gallagher , Drouin, Galchenyuk, Danault Alzner. There's pieces. I do think it's a huuuuuuuge possibility. You heard it here for the millionth time folks
  14. leevaughn


    Nobody seems to think Tavares will end up in Vancouver? They got the money. I don't think Winnipeg can afford him long term. They won't be able to beat other perspective suitors. Every team in the league will be in that hunt. Where does he want to play?
  15. leevaughn


    With one year on the contract left. A team with goalie woes and some cap might make that move.