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  1. leevaughn

    Ellis a Pred for 8 more years

    Maybe in 2 years. They're in a very good spot if you ask me .
  2. leevaughn

    Natasha Staniszewski

    How you dare talk about Farhan Lalji like that!! lol
  3. leevaughn

    Mark Stone

    I have him down at 6.5.. I hope this doesn't turn into a shit show.
  4. leevaughn

    Mark Stone

    Mark Stone has requested $9 million through salary arbitration. The Ottawa Senators put in an offer for $5 million. Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman pointed out that the largest arbitration award was Shea Weber, who received $7.5 million. The hearing is scheduled for Friday. WTF Stone
  5. leevaughn

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    The point was.. all those guys are power forwards and started to bloom late. I was in no way saying that Tom Wilson is going to be the next Cam Neely. 45 points and all those peripherals isn't a bad contract for 5 mill. Of course it could be better but you're not getting that kind of cross category production out of anyone else in the league at that high of a level.
  6. leevaughn

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    As well I remember another big boy. No messing around type power forward. A little less on the shenanigans and PIM's. Took him a while to find his rhythm. He was 24 before he broke loose and had a couple of back to back 40 point seasons prior to breaking out. John Leclair. Then I did a little google stuff. Tocchet 23 Bertuzzi 25 Iginla - although he was way more talented and showed more younger. He didn't bust loose until 24. Neely -21 . 4 seasons it took probably the best to ever be a power forward to cut loose. These guys take time.
  7. leevaughn

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    Kucherov was a deal and a half . He could have easily went for 6 mill plus and 6 years. Instead now he's going to get 8 - 10 mill and 8 years. It was savvy business on his part and Yzermans part.
  8. leevaughn

    Wilson get 5.12m x6 WOW

    I don't know man. The guy came straight out of the OHL. Was a first round draft pick. Has consistently gotten better and better. Had a monster playoff. I think he's just hitting his stride. 45 points and another cup run doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. He's a game changer. A huge presence on the ice. And he just generally smashes opponents. I think that's a top end contract for a 24 year old that plays his style game. If he finds some kind of scoring touch this will be a steal. Playing with Ovie and Kuznetsov could do that.
  9. leevaughn


    possibly... work computer.
  10. leevaughn


    look i figured it out
  11. leevaughn


  12. leevaughn


    HA! I wish I could snap shot my spreadsheet. That's exactly what I had him down for.
  13. leevaughn

    Matt Dumba Extension with Wild

    whatta ya got?
  14. leevaughn

    Matt Dumba Extension with Wild

    gnfl i got him.. that's a stellar contract for the 23 year old
  15. leevaughn

    Weber out another 5-6 months

    Something we seem to be lacking .