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  1. clarry85

    Marchand jumps Eller

    Honestly, it doesn't even take a full on fight in the NFL. Phillip Lindsay got ejected for this: Side Note: I started Lindsay in one league during this game. Not. Impressed.
  2. clarry85

    Marchand jumps Eller

    I see what you did there
  3. I had Nylander penciled in for $7 x 7 in my CFHL spreadsheet. Thinking he gets paid now, losing 3 UFA years, and another deal of 5+ years (possibly for a UFA premium price) at 29 sounds pretty sweet to me. It'll be interesting if Dubas has to do this same dance with Marner and his rumoured asking price of $10 mil. Don't think him and Nylander are so far apart to the point where he deserves that much, but he will probably get more simply due to % of cap. I hope Sparks sticks. Freddy should be maxing out at 60 games and while Mac was great last year, who knows if he can do it again. I agree that I'd take Sparks Freddy misses more than those 22 *knocks on wood, rubs rabbits foot, etc...
  4. I've been on the hype train too long. Had hop off. So yeah, pencil them in now, cause that's how things always seem to work 😂
  5. Leafs have been both fun and tough to watch at times. Tavares, Marner and Matthews have been great to watch, but there's also been some bad giveaways that led to goals thatare hope. But I guess that's just what you get with preseason hockey. Will be more fun to watch as the fat gets trimmed, and we get to see the rumored PP1 of Tavares-Matthews-Marner-Rielly-Kadri all together, as well as the return of Nylander (hopefully sooner than later). Really like the play of some of the younger defencemen. Sandin and Liljegren looked good, so have Borgman and Holl. Other things: - If Nylander does miss the first week or two of the regular season, it'll be interesting to see how Ennis does in that spot (he has looked fairly comfy there so far). Hopefully Nylander gets sorted out soon (despite some of the Leafs fan base insisting he gets moved for a RHD), though he shares an agent with Gaudreau, who held out as well. ($7mil x 7 years...fair?) - Wonder who's going to make up that bottom pair. I'd like to see Holl get a chance on the right side. And while it's doubtful, if Babs moved Hainsey to the third pair as more of a PK specialist, and moved Rielly/Gardiner/Dermott over to the right side, that'd be nice (Rielly-Dermott/Gardiner-Zaitsev/Hainsey-Holl). - The battle to back up Freddy. Sparks or Mac will take it. My guess is Sparks. No matter who loses, do you risk the waiver wire (though there is considerably less risk with Mac), or can Dubas get a late pick/package deal done? It's gonna be a fun year for this team. Can't wait until Oct 3rd!
  6. clarry85

    Kurse of Kirill

    I just picked up Kirill Marchenko in CFHL.Looked up Kirill on Fantrax, couple high promise players that haven't made their way over (Kabanov, Kaprizov). Being unsure of the risk I was taking, all I could think of was this; "It better work":
  7. clarry85

    Tavares to the Big Smoke?

    Loophole Lou got replaced by Loophole Laurence
  8. clarry85

    Grubauer to COL

    Great pick up for the Avs. Interesting if they move Orpik again...
  9. clarry85

    Instant classic

    Oh definitely not! Actually makes me feel better that someone is thinking along the same wavelength. This was coincidence, not copying haha
  10. clarry85

    Instant classic

    There is no such thing as too many Bryz Bear-related teams. Bryz's influence for fantasy team names is obviously "humongous big".
  11. clarry85

    Empty seats in Hockeytown

    That's the thing with Little Caeser's Arena. It's not just an arena. There's a large amount of Red Wings' and Pistons historical artifacts and mementos making the concourse basically a big museum. Also looks like there's a ton of in arena bars and concessions (no clue if these are sit down or more grab n go). If these are more sit down restaurants, maybe Detroit's going for the Edmonton model of "Let's sell tickets to people so they can stand on the concourse during the game!" (Cause we all know that went real well. But maybe they're on to something). There's also around 2000 T.V.'s in the stadium so you can watch the game from...well everywhere. Apparently people were told to show up an hour before the game to tour around, so maybe people just don't listen (huge surprise). All in all I think it's people checking out the new shiny things. Fans will fill the seats when they are not visiting for the first time. Sorry for the long rambling. https://detroit.curbed.com/2017/9/7/16266114/little-ceasars-arena-detroit-photos