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  1. clarry85

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    The expansion draft will be really interesting with Vegas being exempt. They could really benefit: 1) Obviously cause they don't have to lose a player. 2) They could swings some deals with the 31 other teams again, by trading for other teams' expansion target players. Will be interesting to watch the first few weeks of the 2021 offseason.
  2. clarry85

    Leivo Traded

    I'm happy for Leivo, maybe now he'll actually get a chance to play every night. If both he and Ennis stayed, they would've been cycled in and out of the 4th line until an injury occured. Sadly, both guys have been impressive relative to their expectations, but this moment was coming. Better to get something rather than nothing. Too bad they couldn't get Leipsic back.
  3. clarry85

    William Nylander

    Check out @DidTheLeafsWiin’s Tweet: Leafs fans and Nylander owners right now
  4. clarry85

    Sherbak waived?

    Weird flex, but ok.... Very strange to see him on waivers. I'd imagine a few teams will be putting some claims in.
  5. clarry85

    ron hextall fired?

    Not surprised Philly mad a move to shake things up. I thought maybe both Hex and Hackstol would be gone
  6. clarry85

    Yotes Move on from Strome

    "Well the math says..."
  7. clarry85

    Yotes Move on from Strome

    Brendan Perlini, Dylan Strome to Chicago for Nick Schmaltz. Really like this for both teams. Seems like a good bet on two young players for Chicago. Arizona gets a more proven player who might help them get back into a weak Pacific division.
  8. clarry85

    Hitchcock back

    Think Sid did a good job summing it up
  9. clarry85

    Hitchcock back

    Can't wait to watch #McDumpNChase
  10. clarry85

    strome for spooner

    Think this about sums it up:
  11. clarry85


    I'm playing against Vasilevsky in both CFHL and Div1A this week. Wish him a speedy recovery, but not overly upset that he's out this week.
  12. clarry85

    Sens players criticise coach.

    I feel like this happens on every team at one point or another (young stars probably have choice words for their coach when they're bumped to the fourth line). Of course this happens to Ottawa though.
  13. clarry85

    Boroweicki Gets a Game

    Maybe he's going to try and break Wilson's record of games suspended for in a year (though I think Raffi Torres might be more)?
  14. clarry85

    Boroweicki Gets a Game

    Guessing none of the Sens fans/players/management/sponsors were excited about this...
  15. clarry85

    NHL Point System Poll

    Option 3 gets my vote, with a slight amendment. Biggest thing in my mind is that games should all be worth the same amount of points, rather than having OT games being worth one more point, as the current points system stands. Instead of one point for the shootout win though, any win after regulation is 2 points and Bettman gets to keep the loser point in play for teams losing after regulation.