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  1. Raken65

    Rinne signs 2 years at 5 million per

    No ,AAV is $5.0 M for 2 years.
  2. I own him in 2 leagues ,good news !!
  3. Raken65

    NHL Marketing Wizards

    apparently it's out of respect for college hockey as it's their first full slate of Friday Games.
  4. Raken65


    Assuming by "oath" that you mean your life was threatened ,then yes that is the only way i find that acceptable.
  5. Raken65

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    I have him in 2 leagues i'm very happy!!
  6. Raken65

    Fantrax App

    I have a Galaxy ,can't find the app anymore either in play store but like you said mobile site works great so no biggie,
  7. Raken65

    Erik Karlsson

    I have no more objectivity when it comes to NHL trades .I blame James (for running this awesome Association) and Ralphdog ( for forcing me to join) ,all I care about is how it affects my players ,so with that being said............Yahoo !!! I love this trade as Hertl and Meier weren't included ( just drafted them in Division 1A) Then again ,I have Burns in ECFL ,does this hurt or help him???
  8. Raken65

    Fantrax App

    Here was Fantrax response Hi, sorry but we recently removed that screen, along with the others that are desktop links, from the app. You can still draft from mobile if you open the site in your browser.
  9. Raken65

    Erik Karlsson

    According to Darren Dreger ,Erik Karlsson has been traded to San Jose ,Sharks players are being told now.
  10. Raken65

    Fantrax App

    I opened a ticket ,will keep you posted.
  11. Raken65

    Fantrax App

    yeah ,same for me
  12. Raken65

    Fantrax App

    the old one
  13. Raken65

    Fantrax App

    I no longer have the Draft Room option on my phone on the Fantrax app ,disappeared a couple of days ago and no clue why ,I do have the option from the website ( currently for GNFL and ECFL) Anybody have a clue why?
  14. Raken65

    Auston Watson - 27 Games

    Yes I know and understand they're just doing their job but this is not a typical suspension , what can they possibly gain by appealing this? what does it say about the players if the suspension gets reduced even by a few games? I think the backlash far outweighs the "solidarity" that they are projecting.
  15. Raken65

    Auston Watson - 27 Games

    Agreed as well and for some ridiculous reason the NHLPA are appealing