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  1. Tkachuk or DeBrincat

    Same,and I think Konecny may turn out to be the best of the 4 of them ( nothing to do with fact I recently acquired him in GNFL)
  2. Playoff Players You Value: Who's on your list?

    that explains your position in the standings
  3. NHLNumbers

    Yeah ,I've been going to team salaries to check the salary of a player ,think I'll start using CapFriendly as well as using those awesome spreadsheets ,thanks guys
  4. NHLNumbers

    Is it just me or is the search button gone on NHLNumbers when you click on player salaries?
  5. Gord Downie

    I didn't realize until I heard it today that he was a big Bruins fan and his Godfather was former Bruins GM and Summit Series head coach Harry Sinden. Considering how much he gave to us ,we'll forgive him for that RIP Gord
  6. Fantasy Baseball

    The beauty of baseball pools is they play almost every day and there are so many stats ,so many categories to choose from but yeah, you got to be committed and really follow it And no Salros ,no watching Blue jays ,Nos Amours will be back sooner rather than later !!
  7. Lets fix Montreal Canadiens Thread

    I don't agree with all this Habs negativity ,it's only August 3rd and we got approx 9 million cap space,let's see what MB does with that If nothing else ,Drouin will be spectacular ,we go get a stud French Canadian ( please do not oversight the importance of that in this market) and even the local Frnch press bitches we gave up a puck moving D ( who has played 0 NHL games) We have arguably the best goalie in hockey ,arguably the best shut down D-Man in hockey( and a few other pieces at Def that could surprise ,not too mention Alzner who is very solid) ,can rival any team at LW ( 4 lines) and have a very well respected Stanley Cup winning coach Yeah ,I know the C issue ,I know the absence of puck moving D ,I'm well aware we scored 0 goals against the Rangers ( ok maybe 1) but I don't think this team is nearly as broken as a lot of people are thinking Let's spend that 9 million wisely ,it doesn't even have to be right now and I can see a lot of good things out of this team