Winter Olympics Bracket Contest

With teams full of NHL players, filling out an Olympic bracket can be challenging.  With NHL players not participating, it’s near impossible.  Have some fun with this shot-in-the-dark bracket contest for the men’s hockey tournament at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang!

First Round

Pick the winner of each Group in the round-robin preliminary round.

Medal Round

Once the medal round bracket has been set, you’ll have a quick turnaround to get your bracket picks in!  Complete the bracket, and take a guess at the score of the Gold Medal Game.


Get 5 points for correctly picking a group winner.  Get 5 more points for each correct pick in the Medal Round.  Nail the score of the Gold Medal Game?  Collect 2 bonus points.

Tin Cup Points Available

1st Place – 15 points
2nd Place – 10 Points
3rd Place – 8 Points
4th Place – 7 Points
5th Place – 6 Points
6th Place – 5 Points
7th Place – 4 Points
8th Place – 3 Points
9th Place – 2 Points
10th Place – 1 Point


Preliminary Round – Begins February 10, 2018
Medal Round – TBD