Capwise Hockey Association Tin Cup Series

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary season (the “tin” anniversary), the CHA is pleased to introduce the Tin Cup Series — a season-long series of events and challenges.  Participate in as many of the events as you want, and accumulate points along the way.  The GM with the most points at the end of the season wins!

How It Works

Throughout the CHA’s 10th season, there will be various events in which all GMs are invited to participate.  For each event, there are points available to the top teams.  Your points will be tracked in your forum signature as the season progresses, and the top three point-earners win a prize.

Entry Fee

The cost to enter the Tin Cup Series is $10.  GMs can also play for free, but will not be eligible for prizes if they finish in the top 3.  There are as much as $500 in prizes, so it’s worth ponying up the cash!  Click here to pay by October 7 at the link below to be eligible for prizes.


The top three overall finishers will win prizes (if they’re paid players):

  • 1st Place – ADIDAS NHL Replica jersey for team/player of your choosing (a $225 value!)
  • 2nd & 3rd Place – Free Entry to your most expensive league in 2018-19 (up to a $100 value!)


There are 10 different events throughout the season — roughly one each month:



Scoring works differently for each event.  Click the links above to find out more information.  For each point you earn, you’ll get a token, like those shown below, to proudly display in your forum signature!

Bonus Points

You can also earn bonus points throughout the season for 10 different accomplishments:

  • Weekly 1st Place (be in first place on a Monday morning — first 13 weeks only) (1 point)
  • Weekly CHA Trophy Leader (be atop the CHA Trophy standings on a Monday morning — first 13 weeks only) (2 pts)
  • Weekly CHA Trophy LOSER (be in last place in the CHA Trophy standings on a Monday morning — first 13 weeks only) (1 point)
  • Perfect Week (beat your opponent 16-0; please note: your opponent must set lineups for at least half the nights of the matchup) (10 pts)
  • 5-Matchup Win Streak (win 5 straight matchups) (5 pts)
  • 10-Matchup Win Streak (win 10 straight matchups) (10 pts)
  • League Champion (5 pts)
  • CHA Trophy Winner (5 pts)
  • Playoff Champion (4 pts)
  • Consolation Bracket Champion (3 pts)