Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge

A Capwise tradition for many years running, the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge will be the final event of the Tin Cup Series!  

How it Works

Using, we’ll create a private league for Capwise.  Fill out your bracket there, and track your points all playoffs long.  With plenty of Tin Cup Points on the line, this final event could make or break the Tin Cup Series!


Full details on scoring are available at

Tin Cup Points Available

1st Place – 15 points
2nd Place – 10 Points
3rd Place – 8 Points
4th Place – 7 Points
5th Place – 6 Points
6th Place – 5 Points
7th Place – 4 Points
8th Place – 3 Points
9th Place – 2 Points
10th Place – 1 Point