Vote below for the regional finals of the Gray Bracket.  Voting for this matchup is open from February 12 to February 18.  You can only vote once, so choose wisely.  Click here to see the full bracket of 64 teams!

Remember, you’re voting on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Humor
  • How well does the logo match the team name?

Short descriptions of each logo submitted by the team’s GM can be found below to help you make your decision.

Dump ‘N Chase

Wish there was a great story but it’s pretty short and sweet as to how Dump ‘N Chase came to be.  I have a few teams in the CHA and was running out of ideas for names so I made a list of common hockey terms with hopes that one might spark an idea.  When I  wrote down Dump ‘N Chase it just sounded right  and from their I just scoured the internet till  I found the perfect compliment.  How can you go wrong with a hockey player taking a dump while holding a beer!

Fayetteville FireAntz

All of my teams have to do with either the state/city I grew up in (Binghamton, NY) or the state that I currently live in (North Carolina). There was already a Charlotte Checkers team in SFHL (fun side note: I used to work for the Charlotte Checkers when they were in the ECHL and worked for them as they transitioned to the AHL) so I decided to go with the next best hockey team in the state of North Carolina….no not the Carolina Hurricanes but the…….Fayetteville FireAntz….yeah that is FireAntz with a “Z”. Another fun side note is that the Fayetteville FireAntz no longer exist almost exactly a year ago the team was sold and the name was changed to the Fayetteville Marksmen with the Red Fox as a logo (I mean come on what is more intimidating a Red Fox or a Fire Ant…..obvious answer is a Fire Ant).

Dump 'N Chase (GNFL) 30 ( 73.17 % )
Fayetteville FireAntz (SFHL) 11 ( 26.83 % )