Vote below for the second of our semifinals.  This matchup will not only determine who advances to the finals, but because both teams are in the GNFL, the winner will take home 2 bonus points as the best in their league.  Voting for this matchup is open from March 19 to March 25.  You can only vote once, so choose wisely.  Click here to see the full bracket of 64 teams!

Remember, you’re voting on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Humor
  • How well does the logo match the team name?

Short descriptions of each logo submitted by the team’s GM can be found below to help you make your decision.

Dump ‘N Chase

Wish there was a great story but it’s pretty short and sweet as to how Dump ‘N Chase came to be.  I have a few teams in the CHA and was running out of ideas for names so I made a list of common hockey terms with hopes that one might spark an idea.  When I  wrote down Dump ‘N Chase it just sounded right  and from their I just scoured the internet till  I found the perfect compliment.  How can you go wrong with a hockey player taking a dump while holding a beer!

Pucked in the Head

This was a fun time trying to come up with something funny and that can relate to me.  Needed something that can stick in your head and that wasn’t used to much out there in Fantasy Hockey Land.  I didn’t wanna have a name that was too dirty or vulgar either (i had many names in mind), being ex-tanker for the Canadian Military figured i go with something that we all knew and used pretty often (pretty often is an understatement)… F@ck!

Its my favorite word, it could be used in such wonderful and colorful ways.

I was trying to have a play on words with one of the things other divisions in the military would call us, had the choice between “gravy drinkers” (since we always rode around on our tanks they thought we were all fat tubs) and “zipper heads” (if you’re not wearing your helmet, you will end up splitting your head open trying to get out of that steel coffin).  “Zipper head” was the one that i could relate to, i f@cked my head up so many times and voila the name came to me “PUCKED IN THE HEAD”. Figured after all those incidents go in and out of the tank, that my head was truly F@cked.

My design attempts looked like something a 4 or 5 year old drew on a napkin, sad but true i aint no Picasso.  Had to use the google machine to find myself a logo. I found the logo fairly quickly, it was the only one that had anything to do with hockey and that i liked.

Dump 'N Chase (GNFL) 14 ( 43.75 % )
Pucked in the Head (GNFL) 18 ( 56.25 % )