Thomas K.

This is my first season in this league and I gotta say that it’s very well run and well organized. It’s a very challenging league and the way you have to deal with the cap and plan your moves is a lot of fun.

Scott F.

This league is a really great and unique spin on the game of fantasy hockey. If you really like fantasy hockey and also prospects, international hockey, and the business of hockey, this is a great league for you.

Chris C.

I love this format… I am now in two of the leagues and will have to fight the urge to join another next year. Can’t say enough about the work the commish puts into it to make it easy and fun.

Scott F.

Building a good team is challenging but it’s one of the greatest groups of hockey and fantasy enthusiasts I have met in my 15 years in the game. So hanging out in the league forum is as fun as playing!

William N.

I can’t recommend this league enough. Even though it’s my first real salary cap league, I haven’t had any trouble learning the ins and outs since everyone is so friendly and the rulebook very clear.


Best I have ever been in. Great set of rules and the commish does an outstanding job.

William N.

If you’re looking for a new league, then don’t hesitate to sign up for one of Capwise’s many leagues. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a deeper and more fun league!

Russ K.

Capwise is a fantasy GM salary cap league where you can make a few bucks, too! If you’re wondering what it feels like to be a GM, step into the world of Capwise.

Chris B.

Capwise is by far the best fantasy hockey league with which I’ve ever been involved. The GMs are pleasant, responsive, and crazy about hockey. The rulebook is both intricate and simple. The forums are well-maintained and clean. To me, it’s not a hobby. It’s an addiction!

Bill J.

Capwise is the most challenging fantasy hockey league on the planet. The challenges of managing rosters under the salary cap system bring a whole new dimension to the table. All the managers are bona fide hockey fanatics who live and breathe the sport we all love. If you want the ultimate fantasy hockey experience, this is it.