George R.

I have been in hockey pools for 30 years. Of all the pools, Capwise has been the most challenging, plus the most fun. From commish to the GMs, it is a 10 out of 10.

Sam N.

This is as close as it gets for us armchair GMs. Not only is this a perfect way to challenge your fantasy hockey talents, but it will greatly expand your knowledge of the ins and outs that go into an NHL organization with tracking stats, salary caps, current players, and prospects.

Kevin L.

Capwise is by far the best fantasy hockey league I have been in to date. The structure and owners are top notch, and I would recommend this league to anyone serious about playing within a cap-oriented dynasty structure. Happy to be here!

Lucas B.

If you want a league where the keys are cap management and prospect evaluation, then this is the league for you. The commish is attentive, reasonable, and fair, while the other GMs provide great and friendly competition. I can’t imagine playing fantasy hockey any other way!

George J.

Capwise is the ULTIMATE Fantasy NHL GM experience. We have a commissioner whose leadership has created 5 incredible leagues with a well-crafted set of rules and team owners who want their leagues to be successful, competitive, and fun.



Ten leagues, four countries, more than 65 managers – Capwise Fantasy Hockey is bigger, better, and more exciting than any league you’ve ever seen. Combining salary caps, prospect rosters, and real-life NHL contracts brings fantasy GMs into the names and numbers world that is the hockey business. This is your chance to compete against the world’s best!


Capwise combines offline spreadsheets, updated weekly to your email inbox, with online scoring and roster updates, through, to provide its managers with every resource they need to efficiently operate a competitive team. And with a state-of-the-art forum, it’s easier than ever for managers to stay connected, both on and off the ice.


With a rulebook that’s been tried and tested over nearly 15 years, Capwise is one of the most organized and smartly constructed fantasy leagues in the world. The comprehensive rulebook, updated annually, makes diving into these complicated leagues surprisingly simple, for beginners and veterans alike.


With buy-in options anywhere from $0 to $100, there’s a Capwise league for every budget. The more money you put in, the more you can win. And with as many as four different prize winners per league, your chances of taking home part of the prize pool worth over $5000 are better than ever!


Capwise is always looking for talented, committed fantasy GMs to join our ranks. With ten competitive leagues, there’s always a spot to jump in. Check out the currently available teams to find your place and, when you’re ready, apply to reserve your spot today!

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