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  1. 11 stanley cups. When I heard that, i was like, nope not possible. Holy shit. Amazing 20 year run. Can't confirm but pretty sure he's the only one who can say "55% of the time, I win the stanley cup"
  2. With teams seemingly going towards tandems in net again. Any thoughts on the effect in fantasy hockey? I'm in yahoo roto keeper league. Same guys for over a decade now and we've always had a 2 goalie max keeper rule in your keeper list that was upped a couple years ago to 4. Helped because we could draft and keep prospect goalies. We are now considering upping it to 6 but making 2 spots for prospects or goalies under a set age. trying to keep the goalie side interesting while adjusting to way position is going. Here we have weekly game minimums which are difficult to hit at times (especially once injuries rise during the year). I think it might be more difficult if teams go 1a and 1b route more. Do we add another goalie position? Is it even viable? NOTE: Not suggesting capwise do anything. more curious as to what people think and how they'd handle it. My roto league votes on new rules in July before keepers are selected in September before the partial redraft.
  3. I was actually thinking put AA on second line with RNH would be solid. Two lines with some centres and big speed.
  4. Prediction: Red wings win the lottery, accelerate rebuild and sign Gallant as new HC
  5. Locking it in and planning all strategies based on this....
  6. Isn't he also one of the All-star coaches too??
  7. i hear they are bringing back Kovalev too!
  8. are they signing him too? Nice addition for a run. Maybe I should re-sign Kessel now. lol
  9. Surprised by this. Heard rumors that he was asking 10M per season...
  10. I would have expected this to be like the Sens. Stuck over paying to keep the talent. Contract length also didn't benefit Zach....
  11. Interested to see what Krug gets in a year now.
  12. Ya really wish these guys would sign already.
  13. super reasonable. Too bad the team is going to have a rough go for a bit....
  14. Saw that too. Kyp has been there 20+ years.... The local TSN sports radio network had some changes too recently with long time personalities being let go. Apparently the big contract Rogers/Bell signed for hockey rights in Canada isn't proving to be as fruitful as anticipated.
  15. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/report-pierre-mc-guire-removed-from-nb-cs-top-nhl-broadcast-crew-212256963.html While personally surprised he lasted this long, The Monsters in HUEL may need a rebrand.
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