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  1. One must breathe in, breathe out- scream a little and be happy we have a league that's up and running. Tough season for everyone. A few have been extremely lucky. Basically, 2 Buffalo, 2 Minnesota and 3 New Jersey games postponed
  2. I had my worst week ever in the GNFL. It's time for some secret incantations from my hockey mystic to give my teams a +2 Luck rating.
  3. Covid is a Fantasy game killer. I'm sick of masks. When will the nightmare end?
  4. Today’s vet (28 to 35) have a window into fitness that has never been available. The best ones don’t need anymore motivation to stay ahead of the inexperienced youngsters than the feeling of being an NHL player. Vets are stronger, smarter than they have every been. The one thing the youngsters have in their favour, salary. So, you might be right if revenues drop and teams are forced to get more with less. But you already have talent that hasn’t had an opportunity to gain some experience in the NHL last season. And now you have a fantastic draft class that’s adding more talent than usual to be
  5. Isn't that opposite of what's happening now. Because of medical/training advancements, haven't the length of quality player's careers increased?
  6. I’ve been thinking about this question as our Amateur Draft progressed. We all seem to agree this draft class is very strong. But there are some strong headwinds facing this group, I believe. If it wasn’t for Seattle’s expansion, I say the future looked bleak for the prospects outside the 1st round. Here’s what I’m looking at: 1) Active players in their late twenties/ early thirties will have 2 seasons of partial play. That’s a lot fewer hits and wear n/ tear on aging bodies. I believe a number of elite players careers playing at their highest level will be extended. 2) The ne
  7. I think it's a Park Ex problem. 😉 But seriously, we have a very active association. Good problem to have. All extra charges to Park Ex. 🙃
  8. Welcome to stepping out. I have too many sad, depressing stories of ruined lives and people lost to this pandemic. I'm trying very hard not to look back and focus on retooling my life so I'm a happier person. I'm so looking forward to seeing my family again but I'm in Canada and they are all in the US. We all need distractions from the stress of surviving today. I have so enjoyed watching NHL games again. I have great respect for all the players who have accepted so many constraints to give all of us some fantastic hockey to enjoy. I'm now a Lighting fan. Yzerman may not be the GM
  9. He’s a man worth remembering. One of the greats.
  10. We've seen what Crosby can do playing with a blazingly speedy winger during his career. Connor is a different type of player but I think AA could allow him to reach a new level. I don't think AA plays on the #1 PP unit.
  11. My memory is not great but didn't you draft him in Inaugural Draft by mistake? Sheen at 6.5 million could be a core player for the next 5 years. I like the way he plays the game.
  12. Actually, the info is there to be found. For some reason Fantrax still lists old salaries in the Salary category. But you can find their actual salary by clicking on the player, for instance, Copp whose Salary is listed a 1M but opening up info on Copp and clicking on "more", shows his salary is actually an AAV of 2.28M.
  13. If he doesn't play with Wheeler and Scheifele, does he become a sourpuss million?
  14. When you can sell to a player he could have the Cup for a day if he stays, you can pull off a deal like this one.
  15. Ottawa planing long term. 🤮 In 3 years, Chabot will be traded for the next rebuild.
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