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  1. Great cause. Shout out to James for stepping up. Look forward to you making it back to the CHA sometime soon.
  2. Everywhere Stevie goes, success seems to follow. Red Wings in the Cup Finals in 2024 before Seider gets a new contract?
  3. Keeping it to Hockey. As the conflict becomes more brutal and produces images that create even more anger than we see now, will it be safe for Russians/Belarusians to play in any North American venue unless they have taken a stand against Putin? I feel for these players. They should never be put in this situation. And with social media's way of spreading hate, I hope we (the fans) take the high road. All these players are so exposed. I have no idea how bad it is in Moscow or the rest of Russia. But if they don't want to say anything, they might have to stop playing.
  4. So what Russian players should do in the NHL is something we should avoid discussing? I won't push this topic anymore but enjoy your life while the house burns down.
  5. Do you think it is time for Russian sports players to decide where they stand? I believe it is time for them to either speak up, Go Home or resign and hide.
  6. When will the Cup come home? I just noticed an interesting fact. Montreal won the Cup in 93. 2022-23 Season will be the 30th Anniversary of Last Canadian Team to win the Cup. It could make for a historic Finals if a Canadian team could finally put the final pieces together. I've lost hope again for this season but maybe the Leafs or Oilers will surprise.
  7. It's the digital gremlin demons playing again. Actually, a phase in an email can cause an email to be designated spam. But I don't know a good reason to explain the change. Those bits and bytes seem sentient at times.
  8. Looked at other options but Ralphdog's analysis of what you can do seems like your best option. One goes now and the other when Hughes comes off IR. Is it a dynasty league or one year?
  9. Memories! Price was Spectacular until he became human again. It was fantastic hockey to watch.
  10. Me too. But if the Senators are right--- oops, that just doesn't sound right. At least the Senators are trying to show commitment to a brighter future. I've decided to go along for the ride.
  11. I almost never look at them. I'm proud of my record but it is the now that's important. Looks like I'll be dropping 2 banners. Now I'm even more motivated to get my next banner.
  12. I totally agree with Reg on this fact. But helping a person whose moral, ethical understanding of the world is wrong can come with added rewards. One, putting a spotlight on this young man's problems puts a spotlight on a societal problem. If he can be helped and does the right thing to enlighten those young men that act the way he has, then some good can come from this tragic situation. Two, we all deserve a 2nd chance if we take responsibility for our actions. He has the chance to become a better person and give something back to society. As to his victim, hopefully Mailloux does the right things to help her through her trauma. And I hope the Canadiens are motivated to actually help Mailloux and not just save some money on a contract. But it's on Mailloux shoulders to make this opportunity work for him and the Canadiens.
  13. A man on a mission giving everything to SCORE! What a night of hockey. So many intense games with teams that know each other way too well after this pandemic season.
  14. Should be a great game with Bergeron playing. I'll close my eyes on my next sip of beer and visualize I'm in a sit beside you. Been awhile since I saw a game live.
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