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  1. Sorry guys, we didn't get as much as we wanted to get done, so there wasn't really much in the way to test out. But thanks anyway.
  2. And none of those games will probably be made up. Ouch.
  3. Hey folks, I'm looking for roughly ten people that want to take part in a Beta Test at OfficePools.com. We are adding a bunch of new features next season, and we want your feedback and testing ability for this abbreviated season. Don't worry, it's not a lot of work. You just have to join a FREE Draft Pool I created, and every once in a while test a new feature as the season rolls a long. We will make it worth your while with sweet cash prizes. I'll provide more details to those who want to join. Yes, we will be running a live Draft and it will be treated like a Keeper
  4. Hey folks, Another year, another FREE World Junior Pick'em Contest. https://www.officepools.com/fantasy-world-juniors-2021 Have at it and Merry Christmas! Cheers! Trev
  5. Hey guys, I thought I would share this with the Hive. We do this basic Pick'em competition at OfficePools.com. Not much to it. Easy to sign up and make your picks. You can win a really nice bar fridge, and a Bluetooth speaker cooler. Molson Canadian Swag. https://www.officepools.com/fantasy-world-juniors-2020 Happy Holidays, Trev
  6. That is one thing, but so is the amount of money they save in taxes in Florida State. Trev
  7. Hey guys. I created a GOT Death Pool on OfficePools.com. I thought I would check to see if any of my hockey pool buddies wanted to join. Open to anyone. Friends, family, whoever. Here is the Invite Link - http://www.officepools.com/invite/pickem/m/HYR9LK9E It's $10 per team. Yes you can enter multiple teams by clicking on that link above. You pick who wins, dies or turns. Deadline is tomorrow night at 7pm PT. Once you sign in, make your picks, see FAQ to understand how pool is scored. Pay me by email transfer to Trev
  8. Not really something on our radar. Sorry.
  9. Hey folks, Trevor here (The Highlanders). I manage OfficePools.com and we have a FREE Memorial Cup Pick'em going on right now. I thought I would forward the invite to my CapWise Friends. Here is the link. https://www.officepools.com/fantasy-memorial-cup-2019 Teams will be updated tomorrow as the WHL has a tie-breaker tomorrow night. For now, though you can sign up and make some of the picks that are available. We are going to close it all up on March 22nd. You can win a lot of cool prizes. I'm pretty sure there are some peeps on here that would
  10. Does anyone know the exact date of the NHL Halfway point? There are 2,542 games, so I was hoping to find out when the 1,271th game will be played? I can't seem to find it, but maybe I'm not doing this correctly. Thanks,
  11. I am at 18 points. 572nd place. That Russia win over Canada was huge. Now things will change even more as I expect we'll see another upset or two in the elimination games.
  12. Hey folks, I work for a company called GSL and we own OfficePools.com. We have a FREE public Pick'em Pool happening for the upcoming World Juniors. The link is here. https://www.officepools.com/fantasy-world-juniors-2019 We partnered up with Molson Canadian and are giving away some sweet prizes. I wanted to bring it to your attention as I know many of you will most likely be watching. Hit me up if you have any questions. Trevor
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