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  1. bill0755

    Duchene Traded.....

    2019 1st is apparently lottery protected if it is the 1-2-3 pick, so best Ottawa would get would be the 4th overall pick if everything feel their way.
  2. bill0755

    Guentzel signing

    Seems a little high, but considering his stats vs. Nylander, guess it’s about right. Looks like $6-7M contracts will become the norm for 1st and some 2nd line players, at least before the next lockout and likely lost season.
  3. bill0755

    Tom Wilson got blown up!

    Karma is a bitch...did anyone see a similar late blind side hit that Wilson laid on Marchessault in the same game that I don’t think resulted in any penalty. At some point, likely this season, Wilson will make another dumb cheap shot hit on someone and his suspension will be very very long and very well deserved.
  4. bill0755

    No discipline on Tom wilson?

    The hit was very late, and could have been avoided, but hey, it’s Tom Wilson. Probably no supplemental discipline this time, but he is on a very short lease these days his next dumb, cheap hit will likely be very costly in games suspension.
  5. bill0755

    Scott Darling

    He has certainly not shown that he can be a #1 G when given the chance, and with his AVV and contract, I would be really surprised if any picked him up off waivers. If anyone would, it would likely be the Flyers who would add another goalies to their goalies circus..
  6. bill0755

    Bruins Play by Play Announcers

    I second that motion of Jackass Edwards.....
  7. bill0755

    Trocheck hurt

    Looked pretty bad. Likely out long term 3-4 months if broken leg like Justin Schultz.
  8. bill0755

    strome for spooner

    Snooze buster deal........
  9. bill0755

    Tanner Pearson

    This will hopefully help the offensive side as Pearson is a significant upgrade over Haggy. Haggy is all speed, good forechecker and PK, but has little offensive upside, even with playing most of the year with Malkin. Will this solve all the Pens issues YTD, probably not. A lot of noise about Sprong, and he is not, nor will never be a 4th line grinder. He needs a chance of playing 5+ games with a good center, like Brassard when he returns. He has offensive upside, but Sully has to put him in a position to at least have a chance to show his offensive upside. Will he get the chance, unfortunately does not look like Sully is too high on Sprong. Do do they miss Schultz, YES, a lot. In my opinion, they just don’t have the speed on defense to continue pinch every chance they have. No wing support when pinching allows for way to many breakaways or odd man rushes. This is coaching and game planning, and allow Sully. For now they just need to try too play a conservative defensive game, and hopefully capitalize on their offensive opportunities. Murray simply has to play better, so hopefully he can do that tonight. Sid was held out of practice yesterday, so let’s hope that’s not an issue. If he misses several games, either the team falls apart or they rally and play smart, fast and aggressive hockey.
  10. bill0755

    Haula injury looks bad!

    Unfortunately looks like the Justin Schultz injury, so if broken leg/ankle, probably 3-6 months on the shelf.
  11. bill0755

    Rinne signs 2 years at 5 million per

    Think it’s $6.5m AVV...correct?
  12. Sound like a good deal for Vegas? They are sure betting long term on players like Tuch and Schmidt to continue to be high performing players at their new contracts and AVV'S.
  13. bill0755

    Justin Schultz Out 4 Months

    Salary cap will pretty much prevent Pgh from making any moves to acquire someone like Faulk, unless they can move a similar AVV. It’s now up to Rikola and Chad R to fill the defensive gap unless Schultz returns. Big I loss on the PP, as he was their best shooting defenseman on the PP.
  14. bill0755

    First Game of the Year - Let’s go Pens

    Must admit I did not think the Canadians were going to be very good this year, but I am impressed tonight. Fast, good positionally, Price playing solid, so they may surprise this year. Murray, 10 goals so far thru 5 periods, know they are not all his fault with some poor defensive coverage, but geez you gotta play a lot better.
  15. bill0755

    First Game of the Year - Let’s go Pens

    Well this isn’t a good start as Montreal just outhustling the Pens now.
  16. bill0755

    Marchand jumps Eller

    I am doubtful there will be any suspension for Marchand. Not a smart move, but just don’t feel it’s worthy of a suspension. Just my 2 cents
  17. bill0755

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    Correct, from what I understand.
  18. bill0755

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    Think you can move him to JV as overager and fill the position Think that’s about it unless you drop him or buy him out.
  19. bill0755

    tom wilson ... again.,..

  20. bill0755

    BOLD Predictions

    Tom Wilson gets suspended.....a recurring storyline for 2018-2019 Caps don't go beyond the 1st round
  21. bill0755

    tom wilson ... again.,..

    With his history, might expect a more severe punishment, 10 - 15 games might get his attention as well as the teams coaches...
  22. bill0755

    Knights Sign Theodore to Extension

    Seems a bit on the high side for this player but unfortunately Vegas has a lot of cash available.
  23. WCFL - ROUND 3, PICK 7 PCFL - ROUND 4, PICK 6 NAFL, ROUND 3, PICK 3 Seems to be winding down as continue to see a lot of teams bypassed in the draft with a full 21 man roster.
  24. bill0755

    Sam Reinhart 2 x 3.65

    Decent contract value for Reinhart on a bridge deal. Own him is a few leagues so pretty satisfied with the AVV