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  1. I miss fantasy hockey. I could commit to a one year test pool.
  2. I play fantasy hockey, baseball and football. Won about $500 in baseball this year, finishing second in the regular season for $200 and then winning the league for another $400, minus the $100 buy in.
  3. Good afternoon Capwi$e! As I am about to embark on this 24 hockey journey I wanted to first thank you all for your support and donations. There is no better feeling then helping out some kids who have not been given the same advantages as I have growing up. All of your donations are sincerely appreciated and I look forward to continued participation in this event for many years to come. Nothing better then being able to play hockey to raise money for these kids. The group here at Capwi$e never ceases to amaze me with your generosity. You guys are awesome!! Thanks and cheer
  4. Capwise Nation!! Less then a week to get those donations in. This playoff hockey is getting me pumped up for 24 hours of hockey. Looking forward to doing my part to help put some smiles on a few kids faces.
  5. Good afternoon Capwise community! Only two weeks to go before I take on this 24 hour tournament and we are getting closer and closer to our fundraising goal of $150,000!! We currently are sitting at $94,622.50. Help us hit our goal and put a smile on thousands of children's faces. Any amount big or small is helpful. Also, another big thanks to those who have already donated!! You guys rock. Many thanks, Ryan Howard (District 5 Ducks)
  6. We are less then a month away from the charity tournament!! Still plenty of time to get those donations in. It is because of people like those in the Capwise community that makes this tournament so successful. There is no better feeling then seeing a smile on a kids face who has been dealt a shitty hand in life. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks to those who have already donated!! We are well on our way to the $150,000 tournament goal. You guys make a huge difference in many kids lives. Still plenty of time to get your donations in if you haven't, every little bit helps.
  8. Ya I'd agree that he meant to do that. But you would certainly look like an idiot if the goalie doesn't bite.
  9. Good afternoon Capwise, It is with great enthusiasm that I make this post. It is once again the time of year to begin my push to my fundraising goal for this great cause. As most of you know I have been participating in this event since its inception and it continues to grow larger and help many more kids. It's because of people like those in the Capwise community that these kids are able to enjoy their lives given their shitty circumstances. Your support goes a long way in making these kids day better. Let's continue to make them SMILE The link below should take you directly to my f
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