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    Goon Jerseys

    Saw this on reddit yesterday. So tempting! Original Goon Jerseys
  2. Sammynos

    Goon Jerseys

    Oh no...it got taken down
  3. Sammynos

    Pick Your 3

    Friend sent this to me. Feel like we could have some fun with it. Mine is: Patty Kane, Sam Reinhart, Mario Lemiuex
  4. Sammynos

    Pick Your 3

    Adding in my point totals: Kane - 938 Reinhart - 205 Lemieux - 1723 Total - 2866
  5. Sammynos

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    Figured I would start a "catch all" thread for all the signings today. That way there aren't a hundred separate threads for every signing. Let's kick it off with a few that seem very likely to happen today: - Corey Perry to Dallas on a 1x$1.5m - Pavelski to Dallas on a 3 year deal (unconfirmed money) - Donskoi to Avs - Myers to Vancouver on deal reportedly close to 5x$6m - Duchene to Nashville on something that looks close to $8m per season - Richard Panik to Washington on 3 or 4 year deal worth $2.5m per - I feel like I saw Brett Connolly to Vancouver, but I am too lazy to look that up again (I know he is confirmed somewhere) Couple of strong rumors, but unconfirmed: - Panarin AND Varlamov to NYI - Still looks like Bob to Florida - Lehner and Lee will need new homes - Carolina looking into Mrazek - Read that CBJ is totally fine with a 1a/1b tandem in goal and don't intend to sign a goalie I know there are more. Bob Mckenzie was going wild last night with "rumors" that we all know are more than simply rumors because he is rarely wrong. Anything I missed? Lets discuss it all here!! Also...be careful for the fakes out there. Lots of Boob McKenzle's out there trying to make us all feel better about our teams...
  6. Sammynos

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    This is crazy. What are they doing down there?
  7. Sammynos

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    2021 3rd
  8. Sammynos

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    Looks like Sekera is going to join Dallas on a 1 year deal. Rumors of Nyquist to EDM, but money is becoming an issue. Lee requesting 9+ per season is silly.
  9. Sammynos

    Free Agent Frenzy Thread

    Lebrun just tweeted that 3 teams called Carolina hinting at an offer sheet for Aho. Apparently Carolina said they would match any offer, but also entertain trades.
  10. Sammynos

    Kessel to ARI

    I read that Arizona was on his list of "yes" teams even without Tocchet, but it would've been an easy sell to have him waive his no trade given the relationship. Loved having Phil on the team, but it's clear that there was something off this past season. Whether it was actually the relationship with Sullivan or simply him being somewhat of a head case and doing things like this when he isn't producing. The big question is what does GMJR do tomorrow. Is this cap savings going to turn into smart depth signings? Or a big splash like Corey Perry at the risk of going into the season with Jack Johnson in the top 4?
  11. Sammynos

    Maatta to Chicago

    Penguins trade Maatta to Chicago for Kahun and a 5th round pick. Feel like this move has been rumored for over a year with the Penguins. After signing JJ to that horrible contract, it was inevitable that someone was moved. Maatta has dropped off and it might be due to constant injuries. He’s still a playmaker, but wasn’t exactly put in positions to do so with the Penguins given their depth. Maybe he will find more of that in Chicago? Either way, I’m not too upset about it since he isn’t going somewhere in the East.
  12. Sammynos

    Caps/Flyers Trade

    Caps traded Niskanen to the Flyers for Gudas. Flyers retaining 30% of Gudas' salary. Definitely dumping some cap for their pending UFA/RFA signings...but really? Gudas????
  13. Sammynos

    Artemi Panarin

    I actually think they will take a final shot at Panarin and when he says no, they will try to get both Dzingel and Duchene signed.
  14. Sammynos


    Bob Murray says this will be the best way for him to find out what the problems with the team are..... well ok then.
  15. Sammynos

    Leivo Traded

    Dermott was a paper transaction because of the waiver status. Someone had to go for Nylander.
  16. Sammynos

    Scott Darling

    Rumored to be getting put on waivers.... That's a huge contract to pick up. Flyers??
  17. Sammynos


    I actually just saw a tweet about this yesterday...I believe it said something about there currently being 90 injured players and the average at this point in the season is 85. If I can find it, I will post. Found it: https://twitter.com/NHLInjuryViz/status/1063175480449425408
  18. Sammynos

    Tanner Pearson

    Penguins trade Hagelin to LA for Tanner Pearson.
  19. Sammynos

    Tanner Pearson

    I think that Pearson is a higher upside guy and fits the mold of a top-six player in the Pittsburgh system more than Hagelin did. I could see Pearson playing will on a line with Crosby who likes to control the puck below the goal line and dish it to the middle. Chances were that Hagelin was gone after this season anyway, so the extra years at a low(er) cap hit are a positive for Pittsburgh. I wonder where this leaves Sprong...he was set to be the guy they shipped out, but I assume money was the issue. There is clearly a disconnect between him and Sullivan.
  20. Sammynos

    BOLD Predictions

    Some of these aren't exactly BOLD predictions, but exaggerated realistic predictions. BOLD Predictions: West: Sharks miss playoffs East: Carolina finishes top 3 in Metro
  21. Sammynos

    Kevin Hayes

    Got himself a 1 year deal worth $5.125. Have to think this makes him MIGHTY attractive at the deadline for a team making a run. If he performs, he could find himself on a contender with this true “rental” contract.
  22. Sammynos

    Skjei 6x 5.25

    I think this is going to become the new 4/5 year deal at 4ish per year that defensemen previous years were getting. Guys like Gardiner, Faulk, etc getting 4-5x4ish. Now it’s going to be 5-6x5ish.
  23. Sammynos

    Elias Lindholm Extension with Calgary

    Wonder what Carolina was seeing his value at considering they were so "far apart" on the contract discussions.
  24. Sammynos

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    Turning out that the biggest losers of this year will certainly be anyone who is loyal to the Senators. Holy moly, is this just getting worse and worse for them. Reports are that there was absolutely a deal in place with Tampa to trade Karlsson and it included quite a king's ransom as to be expected. Couple of NHL pieces, prospects, few 1st rounders, etc. Not so fast my friend! Melnyk apparently stepped in and said he would not allow the deal to go through because Tampa wasn't taking Bobby Ryan...
  25. Sammynos

    ROR traded to STL

    I had this discussion with a friend of mine last night too... For STL, Berglund and Sobotka were total salary dumps. I don't think they are complete "throw-in's" for Buffalo, however. Buffalo has a very young team right now and I think these two will be good forward depth to help relieve some of the pressure that the prospects might have been under to make the opening day lineup. It likely gives Alex Nylander another year for his development. I am not saying that Berglund/Sobotka are going to light the world on fire, but I think they will benefit the Sabres more so in what the depth allows the organization to do than the on ice product.