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  1. To be clear, I'm pulling for Mailloux. I hope he comes to understand the consequences of his actions, finds true remorse, and is able to become a better person. And I agree that it's on his shoulders to show he can grow and deserve an NHL job. I just think that the Habs made it harder for him to do that by not respecting his decision to sit this year out, and it's really disappointing from my perspective as a fan of the team. Anyway, well said Salros - I agree 100% and could not have said it better myself.
  2. How arrogant of a hockey team (and their fans) to think that they have any role to play in helping someone become a better person, let alone rehabilitating a convicted offender (because that’s what we’re talking about here, make no mistake). I know some folks in that line of work. Maybe they should lace em up and line up next to Suzuki and Toffoli... And I don’t even know where to even begin with the suggestion that a hockey team, and the employer of the perpetrator no less, could « extend a hand » (whatever that means) to the victim. As if that would be anything else than adding insult to injury, and rubbing salt in a deep, deep wound. Honestly thinking about it makes me sick. Please, let’s stop talking about this as a boys will be boys thing and give it the respect and seriousness it deserves.
  3. The Wideman story was well covered by the Athletic, in an article that I would strongly recommend but unfortunately is paywalled. That article made it seem like him being cast as the fall guy was really unfair, and led to him being blackballed. He seems to have struggled with, and overcome, some serious mental health issues. Good on him. I had forgotten about Kassian. There was a no-tolerance policy on his allegedly driving drunk because he could have really hurt someone, changing their life forever... meanwhile, Mailloux actually did... Now let's all watch as the Habs trade for Evander Kane. That would be the icing on the cake. Come on MB, quadruple down on your "hockey decisions." I dare ya.
  4. One more thing, to those who will say "they're just trying to build the best hockey team they can." The Habs are never, ever trying to build the best hockey team that they can, without regard to anything else. Recall that most NHL-level coaches, and most NHL-level GMs, are not eligible to work for the Habs, because they do not speak French. So don't tell me the off-ice stuff doesn't matter in Montreal.
  5. WTF are the Habs doing? I'm wondering what people think of the timing of the moves in the last few days because it's really weird. Let's recap. After Mailloux, there's predictable uproar. Fans freak out. Sponsors demand explanations. The prime minister gets involved. Molson finally "apologises", and it looks like the Habs finally understand that their fans do not want players on the roster who are of questionable character. That's fine for other teams, but that's just not how you roll after 110 years of history and 24 cups. Then on the same day... they sign Mike Hoffman? Now, to be clear, I'm not trying his girlfriend in the court of public opinion, and she hasn't been convicted of anything... but it's pretty weird timing to say the least. Why, after Mailloux, would you run towards another player alleged to be connected to crime (though, to be fair, not convicted)? And now... they are tripling down on second chances to guys with checkered pasts by signing Chris Wideman, the fall guy for Taxigate. To be clear, I think Wideman is a really good signing. He was unfairly made to be the scapegoat, and was unfairly blackballed from the NHL after the incident. And what he went through afterwards, and overcame, is astounding. So I'm not saying Hoffman and Wideman should not have been signed. What I am saying is that there's a weird pattern here, super weird timing, and I am finding it really, really hard to be invested in my favourite team, just months after their best season in 28 years. Is it just me? Someone please tell me it's just me.
  6. So who is the William Karlsson of this team?
  7. Two comments about the goalies. First, I can't believe the Habs are not paying off Seattle in some way, shape, or form, to make sure that they can keep Price. There had to have been negotiations. And if there were negotiations and Bergevin said, "no, I'm calling your bluff, go ahead and pick Price," that would be wild. Brave and stupid and wild. If there weren't talks, then I'm freaking out because we now know that the Kraken had complete access to Price's medical file, which means that they didn't like what they saw. So I'm really hoping that we find out that there was some kind of bribe. Second, I can see why they would want to take a chance that one of Driedger or Vanacek will emerge as a starter. Good call there, in my view. But Joey Daccord as the 3G? Why not take Kakhonen and then make a deal? Surely they could land something better than Soucy as the return, so I agree with Bagwell there - that's really odd pick.
  8. Is he the greatest Finnish goalie ever? I can see the case for Rask, or maybe Kiprusoff, but Rinne is up there IMO
  9. Going into the playoffs, his job was arguably still in doubt. Then he got a year for every round he won. Not bad
  10. Annakin Slayd is hot garbage and an embarrassent to the MTL music scene. But I love this. So much.
  11. Thanks for sharing bill. Always appreciate your shots from PPG Paints Arena
  12. I was sitting behind the Hawks' net for that game. He was truly awesome to watch. The pride of Chateauguay!
  13. This is a great thread - makes us all feel better about our mistakes. As for me, my worst was this one from 2018 in the PCFL. I gave away... Elias Lindholm Zach Werenski Josh Norris Kasperi Kapanen 5th Round Amateur 2019 2nd Am (GTP) And I recieved... Erik Haula Drew Doughty 4th round amateur $2,500,000 Haula and Doughty were basically rentals. They weren't great ones, and in any event, I wasn't truly in contention that year. I can't really explain why I made this trade other than to say that it was a desperate, sad, and impulsive move. Naturally, it led to a trade report that involved Richie Rich backing up a Brinks truck: https://capwisehockey.com/forums/topic/2729-what-the-haula-just-happened-here/?tab=comments#comment-20321. "What the Haula Just Happened Here?" asked Thunder in the title. Good question, buddy. To this day, I have no freaking idea. Also, for any golfers out there, there's a version of the mulligan story in which the explanation is that Mr. Mulligan lived on the Island of Montreal and his golf club was on the South Shore. That meant that he would have to drive over the Victoria Bridge to get there. This was the 1920s, and back then, the Victoria Bridge was more suited for horse-drawn carriages; driving over it in a car caused your hands to vibrate a lot. So Mr. Mulligan, who was often late for his tee time, always needed a "correction shot" because his hands were still shaking from the drive to the course. I'm not sure if this is true or if it's just local legend, but there's a similar story here: https://www.countryclubmontreal.com/the-club/the-origin-of-the-mulligan
  14. Hockey lost its greatest champion today. No one has done this... ...more times than the Pocket Rocket. As we debate whether Gretzky's all-time goals record will be broken, I think we can safely say that Richard's record for all-time Stanley Cup wins will never be.
  15. If Gallant is ineligible because of his language skills, I say we really go all in on the French thing. Have a test of their knowledge of the classics. Whichever candidate can write the best critical essay comparing the works of Sartre, Molière, and Voltaire gets the job.
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