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  1. Thanks for sharing bill. Always appreciate your shots from PPG Paints Arena
  2. I was sitting behind the Hawks' net for that game. He was truly awesome to watch. The pride of Chateauguay!
  3. This is a great thread - makes us all feel better about our mistakes. As for me, my worst was this one from 2018 in the PCFL. I gave away... Elias Lindholm Zach Werenski Josh Norris Kasperi Kapanen 5th Round Amateur 2019 2nd Am (GTP) And I recieved... Erik Haula Drew Doughty 4th round amateur $2,500,000 Haula and Doughty w
  4. Hockey lost its greatest champion today. No one has done this... ...more times than the Pocket Rocket. As we debate whether Gretzky's all-time goals record will be broken, I think we can safely say that Richard's record for all-time Stanley Cup wins will never be.
  5. If Gallant is ineligible because of his language skills, I say we really go all in on the French thing. Have a test of their knowledge of the classics. Whichever candidate can write the best critical essay comparing the works of Sartre, Molière, and Voltaire gets the job.
  6. He’s being trotted out on the first line for sure, for better or for worse
  7. Is this related to Gallagher going down, I wonder?
  8. And it’s a two way deal! 70k to ride the buses in the AHL. LMAO
  9. Depends how well he does playing with Little. If he gets 55 points again, he’ll complain. If he gets 80, he won’t.
  10. Hopefully this pushes down the price on some as-yet-unsigned RFAs. I'm looking at you, Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor.
  11. Cool! Side note - why did they decapitate Johann Hedberg and put him in the lobby? Kinda weird if you ask me.
  12. Agreed. I was just thinking that if he makes peanuts, it's an indication of just how much he hates management. Didnt know about the hotel. That's wild... seems to be pretty basic knowledge that you have to surround a kid like that with some kind of a network, as the Pens did with Sid living at Mario's house, and as the Habs did with Kotka and the nucleus of other Finns (plus his mom, who moved to Montreal for the year).
  13. What are the Weasels paying him? Is that a factor here?
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