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  1. RegDunlop

    Toronto is pretty cool now baby!

    What's "basketball"? Never heard of it...
  2. RegDunlop

    Game 7 Predictions

    Looks like he'll be back for another season. Great closeup of Sad Chara just now on the CBC.
  3. RegDunlop

    What are your favourite calls?

    It's always great when you hear words or expressions that are completely unexpected... like "gingerly" (Gallivan) or "exorcism" (Hughson). Gotta add the famous Stevie Y slapshot to the list, I think. I love the way Cole screams "Duh-troy-et!" By the way, there are a couple of great Cole highlight packages here and here. Enjoy.
  4. Unless I missed it somewhere, there hasn't been much discussion on Capwise of Bob Cole's retirement after 50 years on HNIC. By now, the pundits and journalists have all explained why this is such a big deal, so I won't get into all that. That said, it ocurred to me that there are a lot of people here who may not fully appreciate just how awesome he was - I'm thinking of our American and francophone friends in particular. With that in mind, as a sort of tribute to Bob Cole, I thought it might be cool to have a thread where people post their favourite calls of all time (fans of Doc Emrick, Pierre Houde, or anyone else - please join in). My favourite call of all time can be summed up in three words - Des. Jar. Dins.
  5. RegDunlop

    The Canadian Tire Fire

    ...burns a little brighter today. The Sens just fired Guy Boucher.
  6. RegDunlop

    Toronto Is So Square

    In case anyone needed more evidence that Toronto is uncool, here it is. Let it go, Maple Laffs. Head on down to the OCS, kick back, and just chill out already.
  7. RegDunlop

    Any Habs/Leafs fan?

    Just got invited to the game at the last minute. Woo-hoo!!! GHG!!!!!
  8. RegDunlop

    Fantrax live scoring

    I wrote them to ask that they give people the option of choosing their display like before, or at least that they tweak the new display, because it's hard to figure out what's going on when all the tables don't fit neatly in a browser window. Hopefully, if enough people complain (politely, of course) they will do something about it.
  9. RegDunlop

    Fantrax live scoring

    Did you use the feedback form here or is there an email address?
  10. RegDunlop

    Fantrax live scoring

    Yes! Ever since they started calling the old one Live Scoring "(Old)" I've feared the day It would disappear altogether. I miss it a lot already - the layout and presentation were perfect. I really liked how you could see the whole matchup (both teams and the H2H breakdown of cats) in one window without having to scroll up or down.
  11. RegDunlop

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    Yeah I'm a big fan of the sock-eye secondary logo in that one. As for names, one of the ones from the thread I mentioned earlier that we haven't discussed here is the Seattle Pilots. The former MLB team was short lived - it would be cool to see them reborn as a hockey team. Here's the rendering from sportslogos.net. Not sure I like the colours but the propeller logo is cool:
  12. RegDunlop

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    There is a great thread at sportslogos.net setting out various names and logo options. One guy in particular who seems to have amazing graphic design skills has been playing with various concepts and it's pretty cool to see them evolve (it's a long thread). Here's my favourite so far. The S logo and barber pole design are a cool throwback to the Metropolitans, IMO.
  13. RegDunlop

    When you need a break...

    Wow! A published author in our midst. This is really cool - seems like a really interesting story too. Congrats, Dan!!
  14. RegDunlop

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    If the NHL didn't have stupid division names then it might be possible. I miss the good old days of the Adams Division and the Prince of Wales Conference, but that's another discussion. I like Emeralds, but what's the logo? Some silly crystal? You want a bad-ass logo, you go with a Kraken. Give it emerald eyes, Minnesota Timberwolves style.
  15. RegDunlop

    Bruins Play by Play Announcers

    Nailed it. I love the NESN guys - their homerism is so over the top it’s funny. And did you guys see last night’s interview with Melanie Krug? That was hard-hitting stuff!