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  1. Yeah...tough to beat any team with Wayne on it. But I'm rolling with Phil Esposito, Jaromir Jagr and Johnny Bucyk so I'll throw my hat in the ring with 4,880 pts.
  2. I really wish Vancouver would start using some of their extra cap space this way.
  3. Not having to protect him is huge. That was my biggest worry about resigning him. They have the cap space right now so I'm not really worried about what they are giving him. It's in a couple of years that they will feel the crunch.
  4. I am so happy that you guys got my movie reference!!! It makes me this happy...
  5. Just to continue stirring the pot here as I don't have a strong opinion on this one way or the other (except that I hate Marchand) - why are there not fights in Football like there are in Hockey? Football players tee off on each other constantly but seldom is there really a fight. If you see a closeup of what happens on the line it's nasty. And when someone comes in with a late shot on a quarterback that does (or could) put them out of the game or the season you don't suddenly have a massive brawl breaking out. Personally I am not anti-fighting. When an ass like Marchand does something stupid I find myself wanting to see someone pound on him. But I do hate it when guys pick fights just because someone lays someone out with a clean hit. That doesn't make sense to me. I do find myself wondering why there is one professional sport that has it ingrained into the regular gameplay and none of the others really do. So...why don't they fight more in football?
  6. Life in the CFHL is like...
  7. SFHL - #18 IFHL - #36 CFHL - #49
  8. Just read a good article on the trade on SportsNet. From Calgary's perspective, Hamilton was a good player with the wrong attitude. Flames traded his brother last January and Hamilton started making it clear he wasn't happy there. Good chance Flames were going to lose Ferland next summer anyways. And Fox had made it pretty clear he had no interest in coming to play for Calgary. Wouldn't come to play with them this year and committed to go back to college for another year. If he did that for a fourth year they'd lose him. So the topline is that they moved a high skill/bad attitude player, a gritty guy they really liked but might have only kept for one more year and a high quality prospect who may have never played for them. LIndholm may really shine with Gaudreau and Monahan as linemates. Maybe not. Hanifin has basically the same numbers as Hamilton did in his first three years, so lots of potential there. I'm not saying Calgary won this trade - but not sure they got destroyed either.
  9. And to be clear - I don't particularly care about Perron getting an discipline. He didn't do anything that bad. I just find it amazing how unpredictable the NHL is in the way they enforce their rules. Sometimes they hold up the rule book and say "we have to call it this way as it's clearly outlined in the rule book". Other times the book seems firmly shoved up their backside and ignored. The claim in this case seems to be that there is no altercation already going on. Like I said earlier, if Ovie had gotten into it with him then I think the suspension would have to be called.
  10. Except there are already 5 players on the far side of the ice. This is what is going on on the far side while Perron jumps on and hits Ovie.
  11. Why is the Perron situation not getting more talk. He came off the bench to engage a player. Technically it’s an automatic 10 game suspension. I realize that nothing really resulted from it since Ovie tried to ignore him. But if Ovie gets in a fight with him when challenged isn’t that an automatic suspension for Perron? And I agree that Wilson continues to go over the line. Clearly the message the league has tried to send him with his previous suspension isn’t going to change the way he plays. I was a little surprised Reeves didn’t do anything about it but I guess he didn’t want to risk the game.
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