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  1. Ydomat

    Jake Allen got a shutout!

    10 in a row! Woo!
  2. not my finest hour either. First i thought i setup the first pick to auto (Tavares) which i did not.... then i thought my team was full and i would be skipped, which it was not... you would almost think my wife is having a baby in 2 weeks or seomthing stressful was going on. it worked out i got the guys i wanted, i apologized profusely for all of this in the draft chat of course. haha
  3. Ydomat

    Knights Sign Theodore to Extension

    thats a lot. though it is market based on comparable demographics. i feel like Theodore has less experience/success than his comparables tho. i hope it works out for them.
  4. Ydomat

    vegeta box?

    That was my original intent yea! but the server is persistent, we can use it for whatever purposes we want.
  5. Ydomat

    Seguin - 8 years @ 9.85 mil per year

    Lol. I still can’t believe Boston let him go...
  6. Ydomat

    Auston Watson - 27 Games

    Why wouldnt the NHLPA appeal? they are a players union afterall. its in thier best interest for thier member to keep playing. regardless of right or wrong. i think its crappy that they are but i understand why they are. as scumy as it may be.
  7. Ydomat

    Auston Watson - 27 Games

    I Still feel the same way. i was immediately thinking the precedent was slava voynov. a friend of mine pointed out that voynov's situation was different in a few ways. he was not only charged with a crime but also had a visa to play here which was lost when he was convicted. which means even if he wanted to there was really no other option for the NHL. Having said that. i still feel like its not enough. there will never be enough repercussions for miserable behavior like this.
  8. Ydomat

    Here comes Florence

    Stay Safe guys! do what you need to do for your self and your families! for those who don't know. here is the projected path as of now (updated regularly.) https://google.org/crisismap/2018-florence
  9. Ydomat

    Fantasy Football

    Tucker? I hardly know her i always prefer Kicker name puns.
  10. Ydomat

    Capwise Community Nights?!

    Awesome guys! i made another post about the Capwise Discord Server. Feel free to get setup and ill work on finding a good time for the first night!
  11. Ydomat

    Sens Dumpster Fire

    seems like a hard sell to go from 1 game away from SCF to "in the dumpster"... maybe i dont have the context but i didnt think the sens were all that bad until they just started the veteran fire-sale.
  12. Ydomat

    Pacioretty is a Knight

    already signed an extension with Vegas too.
  13. Ydomat

    Premiere League Draft Room Ramblings

  14. Ydomat

    Capwise Discord Server!

    @James @byz Can we Pin this by chance?