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  1. Here's the breakdown on goals scored this season. Weather or not it's typical of most seasons is debatable, but that's a bit too much work to figure out
  2. Cam Neely did it too, but like you said, the NHL only recognizes the accomplishment from the start of a teams schedule. I think it's viewed more like a race, with team games being the markers. Theoretically, you could hit 50 in 50 over separate seasons. Would that have to be considered as the same accomplishment? I think it just makes for simpler accounting to go with team games vs goals. But that doesn't mean what Matthews did is any less impressive, IMO
  3. I agree, it's gotta be Seider
  4. They all count, my man. However it would be nice if we could all play Frozen Fleet every week.
  5. Ya well he better not try that crap this week! Yes, he's playing me
  6. Ya, The NuckleHeads crushed Frozen Fleet 16-0. Crazy that there have been 2 so close together after such a long stretch without one
  7. I like to write and I like looking through hockey statistics, so when I heard that a team in the CHA won their matchup last week with a perfect 16-0 score, I went digging around through fantrax. I could recall other 16-0 wins through the years but it seemed they were becoming less frequent. I looked through six seasons of stats from the GNFL, ECFL, IFHL, HUEL & SFHL as well as the present season in all leagues and have found exactly zero other sightings of the elusive perfect score. Can it be that when the CHA Champion Rocky Mountain Roughnecks beat Pimple International Legion last week in the HUEL, it marked the first time this has ever happened? Can't be, right? here's the proof...
  8. how does this even work? whats your public feed?

    1. Ralphdog


      So it just posts in your profile?

    2. Ralphdog


      I guess it does

    3. Ralphdog


      Do you get a ding? an alert of some kind?

  9. bingo, thatll do it. Thank you sir
  10. can anyone tell this old guy how to insert the links in place of the GM names as in the screen grab below
  11. Don't beat yourself up Bags, look at this shitshow 1. I have special needs 2. maybe 3. maybe 4. it's close because the habs exist 5. maybe 6. maybe 7. meh, maybe 8. maybe, 24th skater right now 9. not a chance actually its not that bad, but Caufield makes me lose all credibility
  12. Somehow, I was totally oblivious to the positions....I'd agree with huntz71 now.
  13. Boy thats a tough one for me. Alot of talent there. If I absolutley had to drop someone, I guess its between Rust and Ehlers. Rust will shoot more than Makar but that's about it. And with the way Crosby's season is going Rust could slide along with the rest of the Pens if the captain misses big chunks of time. And Ehlers because he's not taking regular shifts with Wheeler, Scheifele or Dubois so his points may dip and both Rust and Ehlers probably do worse in +/- than Makar given that the Avs have the potential to dominate for long stretches and the Jets and Pens are closer to being middling teams. Good luck
  14. 1. Cole Caufield scores 40 and runs away with the calder 2. McDavid surpasses 150 pts 3. Price doesn't play a regular season game 4. Arizona is the laughing stock of the league 5. Kraken miss the playoffs by a hair 6. PXP wins the UFHL 7. Florida loses the final to Edmonton 8. Sam Bennett is a top 20 player in our format 9. Tyson Barrie scores 75 points
  15. Tell me you have pictures and articles of Carey Price taped across an entire wall in your bedroom and I would believe you
  16. Bro, you know what a troll is, right? You're right in the wheelhouse
  17. submitting for a friend, Marleau - Duchene - Hudon Skinner - Johnson - Pirri Sheary - Komorov - Neal Wagner - Comeau - Rinaldo Eriksson - Galchenyuk - Rinaldo - Stepan - Aberg Subban - Bortuzzo Shattenkirk - Gardiner Gostisbehere - Benn Staal - Connauton - DeAngelo Miska Hammond Langhamer
  18. With these kind of results, it may well become trendy.
  19. Let's not poke a sleeping bear guys
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