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  1. I made the same sort of the prediction for the Flyers last year... didn't work out so well . I think they are more talented than they play. A change to Torts at the helm may work for a year or two. Accountability and fire.
  2. Reiteration of my podcast predictions. 1. All Canadian finals . Toronto vs. Edmonton 2. Flyers and Ottawa make the playoffs taking out the Pens and the Caps 3. Vancouver takes out Nashville for the final wildcard spot. 4. Patrick Kane gets traded to the Rangers for Brennan Othmann 5. Puljujarvii with Reid Schaeffer or Carter Savoie get traded to Montreal for Dadonov
  3. Byfuglien' F and D designation during a few years completely messed with a few leagues and playoff pools I was in.
  4. They did the opposite with Byfuglien and it worked out really well for the teams that used him as a forward periodically.
  5. Reports saying The Leafs are looking to deploy Marner as a Dman. On top of his usual duties. What's your thoughts ?
  6. Listening to myself is weird. Do I sound like that or do I sound like I think I sound. It's very odd.
  7. @James do you think they will make the playoffs or not??
  8. https://www.espn.com/nhl/news/story?id=2325068 as discussed
  9. I've been saying this for close to 40 years man!!!
  10. The way you closed the episode was fantastic!!!!! Made my day.
  11. Cue John Cena's theme song
  12. ahahaha i hear it can super competitive. The last town I lived in is made up of mostly retirees or close too retirees and that's how I learned about pickleball.
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