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  1. Agreed i dont think so either. but i am fairly certain it will be one or the other Joel or Dom, but couldn't tell you which.
  2. Habs next coach already within the organization im sure
  3. Looks like a pleasant morning for you. I was a big Pens fan back in the Mario days. Enjoy.
  4. I really like Pierre Houde
  5. 7 beer deep??? i just had lunch LOL
  6. Phil Esposito Pavel Bure and Scott Niedermeyer. All day kids, line up let's go !!
  7. And i would say he would want to be there. A whole lot of Fins to hang with.
  8. But, is Button choosing his own clothes?
  9. And another thing... Does Craig Button pick out his own wardrobe?
  10. Two hours to go on TSN Free Agent Frenzy. But you can bank that nothing else happens today. Time for that Canada Day Bud Light, enjoy boys.
  11. and wait the full week of course
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