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  1. So its a crapshoot at this point to try and predict. Bodog is offering bets on potential matchups. I did find it strange of the 76 potential match ups, the Florida Panthers are not in a single one....they are sneaky good.
  2. So top 4 teams in each division make playoffs. After round 1 the two remaining teams in each division will face off. Then there will be 4 division winners left. Which divisions face off after that? I'm thinking East vs North and West vs Central, can anyone confirm? I'm trying to figure out the cup final possibilities and what are some impossibilities....
  3. There were a few players that impressed over the tourney, Lambert for Finland, Raska for Czechs, and Soderblom as well. As much as I love this tournament, I have to admit, it is quickly losing its luster with me. Same teams doing what they do every year. Basically not too hard to predict every games outcome. One idea I feel could make this fun again, is to send three teams to rep the country. CAN EAST, CAN WEST, AND CANADA THE REST LOL. Thoughts?
  4. Staying with the GNFL, back in 2017 leading up to the amateur draft I offered Madisons Kennedys a 2018 1st round amateur for Montreal Canadiens' , Charles Hudon. This recently inspired me to try and do a trade tree (a la Steve Dangle) to try and see just what i threw out the window. Because GM Raken65 makes so may trades I can't be sure if he didn't again trade the pick that belonged to me, however I believe he took Brady Tkachuk with his 1st round pick in 2018. Of course there are others, but this one still stings, and I still cheer for Hudon to put it all together one
  5. I'm thinking for the most part, you will not see the likes of Chelios, Chara, Jagr and the many others who played 20+ seasons. You will see most of even the quality players go to 14 or 15 years at the most. There will be exceptions. Not to mention it takes a lot less time to bank the kind of money it took the earlier guys to pile up. I just think that there will be higher turnover in the coming years than we have ever seen before.
  6. I was thinking what you might see is possibly players not having as long careers. Even players playing well perhaps price themselves out. So you should see lower salaries. There are guys sitting on the sidelines hoping for contracts, that don't realize they are basically retired. With so much talent bursting at the seems, year after year, these players need to play somewhere. Perhaps you see a rival pro league. If travel restrictions come into play, perhaps it creates the need to reconstruct the whole thing as we now know it.
  7. There are 4 parts...this is part 4, but if you have time start at 1. Enjoy.
  8. https://www.nhl.com/video/ep-4-the-global-game/t-293090250/c-54930703
  9. Agreed i dont think so either. but i am fairly certain it will be one or the other Joel or Dom, but couldn't tell you which.
  10. Habs next coach already within the organization im sure
  11. Looks like a pleasant morning for you. I was a big Pens fan back in the Mario days. Enjoy.
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