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  1. There is no salary cap in the playoffs. Such a tired take. Blackhawks did this in 2015 with Kane too. Any other team could have their best player miss the entire season if they want too...
  2. Wow. Hope him and the family are doing OK. Left for personal reasons, retires a day later.
  3. True! Both NBA and MLB have fairly strict luxury tax implications. So VERY few teams go over for consecutive seasons. Having a cap floor takes away from MLB's problem of teams not wanting to spend any money at all. And honestly, pro leagues want big market teams winning. To the public they may say they want parity, but they make SO MUCH more money when Boston plays LA, or New York plays Chicago.
  4. Make it so the revenue shared from luxury tax HAS to be spent on players contracts. Raise the cap floor. Leagues like MLB and NBA thrive, and are bringing in record revenues, because they have stars playing on the same team, in bigger markets. And it won't take away from the parity of the league. Teams like Milwaukee, Portland, and Denver are making playoff runs. Small markets. Same with baseball. Cleveland, Tampa, Milwaukee, etc.
  5. The problem is the cap isn't going up. It's going to go up MAYBE 2 million this off-season. That's a huge problem. Teams like Arizona and Ottawa could use that extra cash from the bigger spenders. Teams like Vegas, Tampa, San Jose, have more incentive to spend money on players, and try and win.
  6. Is it time to consider a soft salary cap in the NHL? Similar to NBA or MLB? Incentives teams to win and spend money, because they aren't limited like they are with a hard cap. If Tampa wants to spend $7M over the cap, let them. Costs them a luxury tax to go over. Lower revenue teams split the luxury tax, giving them more money to spend on players.
  7. For years and years, men have been shamed it they ever showed emotion. It was always seen as a weakness if a guy showed emotion. Which is why the old guys like Brian Burke and Don Cherry don't like this. But times are changing. And hypocritically, Don Cherry has been bold, and loud, and controversial to become famous. Wearing LOUD suits, saying things that are debatable. And then he hates this? Come on... I 100% love it! They are having fun, showing emotion, the crowd loves it! Other teams don't care. And DJB is right. I haven't hard a legit reason why this is bad. All I hear is 'This isn't NHL hockey! This isn't professional hockey!" The people who don't like this are out of touch. That isn't a reason not to like this. How often to we normally talk about the Hurricanes? Never. So they 100% should keep doing this. It's fun! Keep going!
  8. I can totally understand their anger. And I don't blame them for being frustrated. And it's not like they were just complaining to complain. They seemed passionate about the team, and they want change. Frustrated with their lack of success. That's exactly what you want with guys on a rebuilding team. Not OK with losing. It's the coaches job to keep them motivated, and implement game plans that can help them win. Can't keep rolling out the exact same plan over and over and expect different results.
  9. Agree with JRoc. I'd easily have Dorion in the bottom 3 among GM's in trading. Notable trades: Shane Bowers, First round pick, third round pick, Andrew Hammond for Matt Duchene: Duchene is a good player. Good, not great. This could be one of the worst trades ever if Colorado gets a top 5 pick, which is expected. Mike Hoffman for Mikkel Boedker and Julius Bergman: Makes sense to trade Hoffman, but this return makes no sense. No way this was their best offer, and it shows a lack of direction. Rebuilding? Contending? Who knows? Zibanejad & 2nd Rounder for Brassard and a 7th: Ouch. Zibanejad is younger, more productive, AND they gave up a second round pick Jonathan Dahlen for Alex Burrows: Another bust. Dahlen looks good, and Burrows is out of the league.
  10. Agree completely. BriseBois is probably the best assistant GM in hockey, and was very highly coveted. Brings a different perspective to a team that can't quite get over the hump. And if the Yzerman to Detroit rumors are true, and I believe they are, this move makes sense for everyone.
  11. Not to mention the salary component of this trade. Both Hanifin and Lindholm need new deals. And will make more combined than Hamilton and Ferland. On top of Calgary adding a prospect to this deal. Makes me think there is something behind the scenes. To lose a trade on both on talent and salary isn't good. Maybe Hamilton isn't a good locker room guy? Traded twice before age 26.
  12. BenB17 and I are pretty die-hard Baseball fans
  13. If he was to draft the best player left unprotected from every team in the Expansion Draft, they would be $20M over the Salary Cap. They took quite a few third pairing, and bottom six forwards, and just came in under the $75M Cap. They were also able to accumulate some good looking prospects (Tuch, Gusev, Theadore), while also drafting quality players from those teams (Garrison, Haula). And three picks in the top 16 in this draft. I count that as a win. Able to keep his team relatively competitive for a couple years, not have their fan base leave them, and also having an eye out for the future. Also, if the other 30 GM's knew he would take the best available, and not allow them to work out a deal, a lot of those players would've been dealt beforehand. No chance ANA, MIN, TBL, WPG, CLB, etc leaves those quality players available, knowing they could be taken for free.
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