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  1. I think Matthews, Goudreau and McDavid
  2. Can't wait to see some of the trophy winners this year. Maker or Josi for the Norris. I'd take Josi, but that's just me. Hart is a BATTLE this year, although with both 60 goals and over 100 points I think that Matthews gets the edge there.
  3. You can only have 3 nominated. Definitly a good season. I think Zegras has worked himself into the convo and Raymond has played himself out. No love for Swayman anywhere I read. Kind of surprised by that
  4. lol…I already stated above he’s my clear #1. I think he’s already on a different level. Pronger 2.0.
  5. By those reviews it’s Seider in a landslide followed by Zegras and Bunting.
  6. I guess that none of this matters is Matthews scores 0 or 1 and the Leafs get bounced in the first round again. Regular season means nothing without career playoff success. My hope is that it took Stamkos and the Lightning years before they finally broke through. Still time for my Leafs.
  7. Last…Lemieux in the 90’s
  8. Interesting thought. I know that baseball recognizes stats in separate seasons. For example, Jordan Romano just boke the Jays record with 26 straight un blown saves. Obviously he only has 3 on the year. Either way, I view it as impressive that these guys can score 50 goals in any straight 50 games. As @James said, even Ovi never did that.
  9. I'm curious of people's opinions on the topic (hoping un biased both ways), but Matthews scored 50 goals in 50 games. The first since Lemieux in the 90's, but the NHL only recognizes 50 in the first 50 games as a thing. Personally I think 50 in 50 is the same thing, but I suppose my take doesn't matter to the NHL. Read a cool article on the topic and it was funny. A paragraph in the article must have been written after interviewing @Vegeta though... And at this point, I don't even know if it's [? just ?] because there's, like, a whole-- it's a rivalry thing. Like, I don't understand why non-Leafs fans are so hesitant to say, hey, Auston Matthews has 50 goals in his last 50 games. That's pretty cool. I don't get it. Now it's turning into, like, oh, no, he actually didn't. Cole Caulfield is better.
  10. right…how many people ragged on Stevie for the pick. Looks brilliant now
  11. Saw the goal and thought that comment would be from @Vegeta…lol
  12. Also, I’ve heard that people view Raymond as the favourite, but I think I’d put my vote for Seider. Defensemen usually develop later than forwards so I view what he’s doing as much more impressive.
  13. I know that we’ve seen the constant Caufield for ROY in the chat, but let’s be realistic. With Bunting getting his 50th point tonight, I still wouldn’t put him in the top 3 for my rankings. From my perspective I really find the ROY race very interesting this year. My top 3 would be Raymond and Seider from Detroit and likely Swayman from Boston. Interesting as I’d say one from each position and two rookies on the same team. So many quality rookies this year! Exciting for the league.
  14. Great experience. Cold, but very unique. Happy I went. Unhappy with the outcome 😢
  15. I know right. The only thing that makes it believable is that Bettman is stubborn and anti Canada
  16. Soucy isn't a bad pick, but Shocked they aren't grabbing Kahkonen. As a Samsonov owner I am very pleased that Vanecek is going
  17. Read through a few things and there aren't many established centers available to Seattle. Gourde and Kerfoot/McCann are likely both locks to be picked. Even heard that Ryan Johanson is a potential even with his salary.
  18. Interesting you selected Brooks for the Leafs. Kid has talent and show some promise, but no way they pass on either Kerfoot or McCann. Dermott has an outside shot of being picked, but not a lot of NHL centers available so one of the two above is my guess.
  19. Too many options to predict, however the one thing I think everyone above is missing (IMO) is a veteran goaltender. Vanicek or Kahkonen (maybe both) make sense to take, however I feel that 100% you will see one of the experiences tenders taken. My guess is Holtby from Vancouver. Hit is a little lower than Murray and a lot lower than Price
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