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  1. Rest easy, your brother awaits !
  2. Sure is Habs sure love bringing back old coaches
  3. Well another one bites the dust, but this one seems a little odd. The team has struggled somewhat but are tied for a Wild card spot, on the losing of tie breaker and are 3 points from firs in their DIV. I thought Mr.G was a beaut in Vegas, maybe there is some unknown behind the scene .. a la florida panthers maybe ???
  4. Salary isn't front loaded either, id consider the guy if it was..
  5. Kovy will do just fine, this is essentially his last chance for some sort of redemption. He'll perform better than he did in LA, he knows he has to if he wants to be relevant in the NHL
  6. i think its more like your next two 1st rounders plus roster and/or prospect
  7. Habs are likely not making the playoffs ( still rocking an 11% chance lol ) i think its a good signing regardless where he plays in the lineup. Maybe the kids in the minors arent ready for NHL action. probably better off letting them get some experience in there current location as opposed to calling them up to early and possibly losing what confidence they might have at there level. maybe it works out and as Vegeta said he gets traded, i think any GM would pay 700k for a 3rd pick Laferniere is a dream, but likely not gonna happen. Montreal would have
  8. HIP surgery for point, out until late OCT
  9. I personally dont think he'll be suspended, i think he'll miss games due to him being in a substance abuse program.
  10. Malkin (1002), Toews (755) and the great one (2857)! Points in brackets.
  11. if point isn't interested what about other RFA's ? Bergevin needs to do something with all that cap space, this would be the 3 rd year he has a shit tonne of room and doesn't do anything with it.
  12. Does Bergevin go after another RFA lol !??
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