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  1. clarry85

    Duchene Traded.....

    And will apparently play tonight...against the Sens 😂😂😂
  2. clarry85

    Grapes will love best fight ever

    I liked this a lot. Just totally unexpected. Going in thought it was a guy smacking his head off the ice and getting seriously hurt (or something along those lines of "nightmare fuel), so laughing at the end was relief. TLDR: this meme.
  3. clarry85

    Jake Allen got a shutout!

    The moment that I dropped him yesterday, I knew hew was going to to at the very least win....
  4. clarry85


    Such a Mickey Mouse organization.....
  5. clarry85

    Leafs lackluster play

    It'd be nice to add some sandpaper to this lineup. I think the some of the current "forecheckers" don't fit well into this line up for what you cold get for similar money. Michael Ferland is a name the Leafs should consider as an option at the deadline/July 1. Better if they could get someone like Josh Anderson, who has another year after this season. Both guys are cheaper than someone like Connor Brown or Zach Hyman, can provide similar offence, and are willing to throw their weight around and drop their gloves if need be. It'll be interesting to see if Dubas moves anyone around before the deadline or at the draft.
  6. clarry85

    Rask vs Nino?

    Stats heavily favoured Nino...seems like the safe choice.
  7. 34! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh 😡
  8. clarry85

    Fantrax live scoring

    So I just tried this, and it works! Go into your History (CTRL + H). In the search bar at the top, type your Full League Name (eg. "Continental Fantasy Hockey League" rather than "CFHL"). Click the Live Scoring link with the League Name and you should have it back!
  9. clarry85

    Fantrax live scoring

    I luckily still have a copy of the old scoring page open on my phone. Kind of surprised it still works, but very glad it does. See if you can check your browser history to open the old scoring page up!
  10. clarry85

    Seattle team is a GO for 2021

    The expansion draft will be really interesting with Vegas being exempt. They could really benefit: 1) Obviously cause they don't have to lose a player. 2) They could swings some deals with the 31 other teams again, by trading for other teams' expansion target players. Will be interesting to watch the first few weeks of the 2021 offseason.
  11. clarry85

    Leivo Traded

    I'm happy for Leivo, maybe now he'll actually get a chance to play every night. If both he and Ennis stayed, they would've been cycled in and out of the 4th line until an injury occured. Sadly, both guys have been impressive relative to their expectations, but this moment was coming. Better to get something rather than nothing. Too bad they couldn't get Leipsic back.
  12. clarry85

    William Nylander

    Check out @DidTheLeafsWiin’s Tweet: Leafs fans and Nylander owners right now
  13. clarry85

    Sherbak waived?

    Weird flex, but ok.... Very strange to see him on waivers. I'd imagine a few teams will be putting some claims in.
  14. clarry85

    ron hextall fired?

    Not surprised Philly mad a move to shake things up. I thought maybe both Hex and Hackstol would be gone
  15. clarry85

    Yotes Move on from Strome

    "Well the math says..."