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  1. Raken65

    What are your favourite calls?

    I liked Bob Cole but I grew up in the '70s and Danny Gallivan was my all time favorite This was my favorite call by him ,the infamous Too many men on the Ice and Lafleur tying it....Rather Gingerly
  2. Raken65

    What are your favourite calls?

    And now a 24th Stanley Cup banner will hang from the rafters of the famous Forum..the Canadiens win the Stanley Cup !
  3. Raken65

    Toronto Is So Square

    I have a few more 4 letter words I've been saying in last few minutes
  4. Raken65

    Toronto Is So Square

    Habs only 3 points behind now with a rematch Saturday Night against the Leafs But what's even more cool than that is if the play-offs started today Habs would play Islanders and Leafs would have to play Boston. Pretty Pretty pretty cool indeed
  5. Raken65

    Jake Allen got a shutout!

    Certainly not me.
  6. Awesome I haven't received email notifications since I joined Capwise James and I worked on it initially but I let it slide Today it's working thank you !
  7. Raken65

    Fantrax live scoring

    Agreed 100%
  8. Raken65

    William Nylander

    My question to Capwise owners of Nylander ,do you think in this format he is worth the AAV?
  9. Raken65

    Scott Darling

    You start looking forward to Fantasy baseball season
  10. Raken65

    Hitchcock back

    Oilers hire Hitchcock as coach.
  11. Raken65

    Rinne signs 2 years at 5 million per

    No ,AAV is $5.0 M for 2 years.
  12. I own him in 2 leagues ,good news !!
  13. Raken65

    NHL Marketing Wizards

    apparently it's out of respect for college hockey as it's their first full slate of Friday Games.
  14. Raken65


    Assuming by "oath" that you mean your life was threatened ,then yes that is the only way i find that acceptable.
  15. Raken65

    Darnell Nurse - 2 years at 3.2 per

    I have him in 2 leagues i'm very happy!!