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  1. Blues game against Colorado was postponed Saturday and now I saw on The Score that they're playing Arizona Saturday.
  2. Correct, I surprisingly kept that pick which turned out to be 3rd overall and selected Tkachuk. I then made the wonderful decision a few months later to trade Tkachuk along with Jake Allen for Varlamov and Owen Tippett. I no longer have either of those players and am now to irritated to see what lesser value I got for them lol.
  3. 2017 Inaugural GNFL draft and my introduction to Capwise. I had never been in this type of pool, had been doing pools since the late '80s but only point pools with almost no trading. Ralphdog kept bugging me to join Capwise and just to shut him up I joined, I figured I'd hate it and quit after a year. I was not prepared for the Inaugural draft, I had 3rd pick overall. McDavid went 1st, Crosby 2nd.3rd pick...I freaking took Erik Karlsson cause I was used to point only leagues and at the time he was a top point producing defenseman. I'm still trying to recover from that.
  4. I'm getting a message saying site is not fully secure when I log in with my phone, when I click details I get this Is that just settings on my phone?
  5. Yeah fair point getting to RFA with less experience could increase value. Personally though I prefer having them on the cheap for that extra year.
  6. So if I understand correctly Kaprizov, Sorokin and Romanov all lose a year per say of ELC which in theory makes them slightly less valuable from Capwise perspective correct?
  7. I would think the writing of the essays would be more based on the works of Rejean Tremblay and Bertrand Raymond than those you mentioned.
  8. Despite the name Gallant doesn't parle francais so that ain't happening.
  9. I agree with the consensus here, I have him in ECFL and he helped me win a banner last year but I won't be keeping him at 9.2.
  10. This reminds me of when Habs signed Radulov, virtually everybody scoffed and that worked out pretty well albeit for 1 year Habs have 4 of their Top 9 hurt right now, it's a no risk move for the rest of this year, there is virtually no way they will do any "tanking" so this could help especially on the PP and if it doesn't help who cares it cost nothing to try. We as fans in Montreal over think everything and are so easy to criticize ,we signed a spare part for 700K, let's wait a shift or at least a period before we all bitch about how bad Kovy is.
  11. The last of the big RFA'S sign, Kyle Connor 7 years at $ 7.15 AAV Let's play some real hockey now !!!
  12. I think they're trying to lock Connor up longer term.
  13. Tkachuk close to signing, bridge deal apparently around $7 million AAV
  14. Agreed, hopefully this creates a domino effect and the rest of the RFA'S start signing.
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