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  1. If either of you want to get rid of him let me know !!
  2. The report does say 95% of players are fully vaccinated so hopefully won't have to worry about players opting out. I'm doing my NFL Fantasy draft on weekend, curious to see where/if guys like Wentz and Cousins get picked.
  3. Dreger just tweeted Hall deal likely tomorrow with Boston, 4 years $24 million
  4. I just read from The Athletic Rangers reporter that they are taking Blackwell from Rangers but it'll be part of a trade where Rangers get Giordano
  5. 30 seconds of my life i'll never get back
  6. I came close to releasing him earlier in year when he still had JV eligibility.
  7. Ryan Graves traded to NJ, AVS get Maltsev and 2nd Amateur, much better than losing him for nothing to Seattle.
  8. Let's not forget the Stanly Cup Final coach losing the interm tag and signing for 3 years.
  9. One of your questions was answered with Keith going to the Oilers. Judging by the chatbox looks like Oiler fans are not happy. I read somewhere Kraken will take RYJO and Preds will give them a 1st round pick for doing so. I think Danault resigns with Habs for slightly under $5 million. Eichel definitely gets traded,either Kings or Rangers
  10. It's photo shopped, just Vegas trying to get Habs off their game, it didn't work. As a Leafs fan you know very well that silly memes don't get Habs off their game.
  11. I love his Expos stuff lol
  12. https://youtu.be/py-s3SIoUX0
  13. I think they're looking for Dougall
  14. Not to mention the two greatest players in the history of hockey have a combined 1 goal against him.
  15. They've scored 10 goals on him in 4 games, typical Leaf humor, they can easily pick on the entire Habs team but they choose to pick on the best player on either team in this series.
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