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  1. I'm way more interested when my team isn't playing but that wasn't an option
  2. The play by play guy is Claude Quenneville who was a long time friend of Flower. He is still alive but unfortunately also stricken with cancer.
  3. Took a drive to the Bell Center this morning
  4. Habs nation and the entire hockey world lost a legend today. Guy Guy Guy He was my hero, my super hero as a kid. I was spoiled as a kid, my father had company season tickets but would often give them to me and my 2 brothers. I would go to about 10 games a year at the glorious Forum during the 70's dynasty. Memories flooded back to me this morning as I heard of his passing. Memories so vivid and fresh in my mind as if they happened yesterday. Too many to recount here but will fill me with happiness forever. As an adult I met him in 2012 at a book signing. I was as nervous as my 6 year old self watching him play. I kept thinking what will I say to my superhero. As I approached him my stupid self, instead of saying hi how are you, blurted out Ask me anything about your career, he said when did I get my 1st hat trick, I quickly and excitedly responded in 1971 against Minnesota playing on a line with Houle and Tardif. He looked at me in a way I imagine a victim would look at their stalker and said you know more about my career than I do. RIP my superhero le demon blond
  5. Lol, that is a correct memory you have.
  6. Mike Bossy and the Islanders were the beginning of my lost innocence of youth. ( along with Rick Monday and the Dodgers but that's another story) Growing up a Habs fan in the 70's in Montreal all we knew was winning. The Cup was rightfully and sacrilegiously ours every year and nothing else was acceptable or even possible to a 13 year old kid. We won 4 Cups in a row and there was never really any question if we would win it was just how easy it would be to win. The Islanders were a tough playoff opponent for the Habs in one of those years , they beat us twice in a semi final series and even as a 13 year old I remember thinking oh no something special is brewing on the Island. They of course went on to win 4 in a row with guys like Potvin, Trottier, Gillis, Smith and a whole bunch of incredible role players. It was Mike Bossy though that I hated the most. It seemed every time he had the puck it was in the net before you even saw him release his shot. I grew to have mad respect for that Islander team as I got older and especially Bossy. A career cut way too short due to injury and a life taken way too early by that fucking dreadful disease. RIP to a real hockey legend.
  7. Less good if you have the Detroit goalie that you traded to meπŸ˜€
  8. Changed my mind after his latest goal, I'm going Caufield πŸ˜†
  9. Yeah totally agree, I think Seider has to be the guy.
  10. Yeah that's rich coming from a Leafs Fan lol
  11. I figured it out, the Fantrax email address was in my spam folder for some reason.
  12. Would anybody know why all email's from Fantrax are all of a sudden going to spam folder? Curious thing is that it happens on my phone but still go to inbox on my PC
  13. If either of you want to get rid of him let me know !!
  14. The report does say 95% of players are fully vaccinated so hopefully won't have to worry about players opting out. I'm doing my NFL Fantasy draft on weekend, curious to see where/if guys like Wentz and Cousins get picked.
  15. Dreger just tweeted Hall deal likely tomorrow with Boston, 4 years $24 million
  16. I just read from The Athletic Rangers reporter that they are taking Blackwell from Rangers but it'll be part of a trade where Rangers get Giordano
  17. 30 seconds of my life i'll never get back
  18. I came close to releasing him earlier in year when he still had JV eligibility.
  19. Ryan Graves traded to NJ, AVS get Maltsev and 2nd Amateur, much better than losing him for nothing to Seattle.
  20. Let's not forget the Stanly Cup Final coach losing the interm tag and signing for 3 years.
  21. One of your questions was answered with Keith going to the Oilers. Judging by the chatbox looks like Oiler fans are not happy. I read somewhere Kraken will take RYJO and Preds will give them a 1st round pick for doing so. I think Danault resigns with Habs for slightly under $5 million. Eichel definitely gets traded,either Kings or Rangers
  22. It's photo shopped, just Vegas trying to get Habs off their game, it didn't work. As a Leafs fan you know very well that silly memes don't get Habs off their game.
  23. I love his Expos stuff lol
  24. https://youtu.be/py-s3SIoUX0
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