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  1. Da Leafs

    staal extended

    Excellent signing for the Wild. Staal will produce a lot more then what other players making 3-3.5/ yr will. Risk/Reward for them is great, he is only 34 and still producing decent numbers, he won’t tail off too much
  2. Da Leafs

    Deadline Deals Discussion

    Stone for Brannstrom, Lindberg and a 2nd round in 2020
  3. Da Leafs

    Muzzin’s a Leaf

    Muzzin to TO for Carl Grundstrom, 2019 first round and rights to Sean Durzi.
  4. Da Leafs

    Out goes chiarelli

    No deal on that, but if they did and then Arizona offer sheet Matthews, wow!!!
  5. Da Leafs

    Date of NHL Halfway Point?

    Oilers vs Kings on Saturday is the 1271st game of the season
  6. Da Leafs

    Guentzel signing

    5 years 30 million
  7. Da Leafs

    When you need a break...

    Self promote the shit out of it Dan!! Not many of us or none of us have written a book, you should be proud!
  8. Da Leafs

    When you need a break...

    Is that William Shakespeare in our midst? Congratulation Dan, I can't wait to read it.
  9. Da Leafs

    William Nylander

    6 year deal
  10. Da Leafs

    Hitchcock back

    That’s my point against Chiarelli, he created the majority of this mess. He is not firing himself, so Todd’s gone. I think Hitch will provide the structure that the Oilers need for the reminder of the year and then regroup. Hitch is not long term, but something needed to be done. It won’t make them worse, and it makes a point to the young guys.
  11. Da Leafs

    Hitchcock back

    This is overdue, but I feel Chiarelli is soon to follow, probably a last ditch attempt to save his ass!
  12. Da Leafs

    NHL Point System Poll

    2 points for any win and only 1 point for the shootout lose
  13. Da Leafs

    Karlsson - 1yr 5.25

    Prove it to me contract
  14. Da Leafs

    RIP Ray Emery

    Gotta love his fight with Peters! He had the perma grin going, loved it.
  15. Da Leafs

    July 1st UFA Thread - Winners and Losers

    He needs a chance to play, wasn’t getting that in TB. A good value signing with upside.