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  1. How's everyone doing so far. I'm sitting 92nd with 23 points
  2. I am using my work phone, so that’s a good possibility. What’s weird is I usually search “yummy oldies”!! 🤪
  3. I'm still not receiving the emails yet. I've tried clicking the notifications setting to maybe reset it, but no luck so far
  4. For those that can’t see a “hamburger “
  5. 1) Laf 2) Byfield 3) Stutzle 4) Askarov 5) Sanderson
  6. Sweet, that just secured an extra 1st round Amateur pick in the SFHL for Sex Panther!!
  7. Your dreaming if who ever gets 1st overall trades that pick away, unless its a marque name going back to them. Not going to happen with Montreal that's for sure, sorry to say.
  8. Yes, I understand the use of the spreadsheets. It’s nice to have the correct salaries listed so you don’t need to always be looking at Capfriendly as well. Either way, Yes I think the commissioners need to push a button in Fantrax to show the updated salaries
  9. When are the salaries going to be updated in Fantrax?
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