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  1. Your dreaming if who ever gets 1st overall trades that pick away, unless its a marque name going back to them. Not going to happen with Montreal that's for sure, sorry to say.
  2. Yes, I understand the use of the spreadsheets. It’s nice to have the correct salaries listed so you don’t need to always be looking at Capfriendly as well. Either way, Yes I think the commissioners need to push a button in Fantrax to show the updated salaries
  3. When are the salaries going to be updated in Fantrax?
  4. Love it, since I acquired him this off season
  5. 4.9 x 3yrs nice contract for his owners out there
  6. Got me again!!! Well played robot, well played!
  7. I’m mad at myself for continually checking this post even though I know it’s the same shit. I’m starting to understand the definition of insanity!
  8. Mats Sundin 1349 Dave Andreychuk 1338 , was hoping Dave Hunter was 1015 points better!!! Phil Esposito 1590 4277
  9. Excellent, my mind game worked on the Bruins. As if me a Leafs fan, would ever pick the Bruins to win!!!!
  10. 3-1 Bruins, empty netter seals the deal!
  11. That you smacked around an employee? Lol. Damn the man, save The Empire!!!
  12. Wow, no love for the cult classic movie "Empire Records". Excellent soundtrack!!!
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