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  1. Pandemic got you down? We’re having some suuuuper lively discussions over at @cap_wise. Seriously tho. Come talk to me. So bored.
  2. This hurt my non robot feelings. But, if you want fresh content, I suggest twitter.com/@cap_wise .
  3. Hahaha, I forgot about IP addresses, that could have been covert bad.... and I guess byz can figure me out easily.
  4. I made a new email, does that help my cause?? But I’m sure there’s a fairly easy trail if anyone wants to dive in. Eventually I’ll mess up and post from the wrong account.
  5. I mentioned somewhere that I’m unauthorized. But James let someone start one a few years ago, so I figured it would be ok. @James DM me if you really wanna know
  6. Thanks all! Hopefully I can keep it up through the season.
  7. Want retweets of really generic fantasy hockey advice?? Follow us at @cap_wise
  8. Want Capwise news?? Follow us at @cap_wise
  9. Hey y’all, Did you know there’s a new (version 3.0) (completely unauthorized) Capwise twitter account?? Come give us a follow at @cap_wise There are already 12 tweets!
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