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  1. Danault will get 6 per, no reason to give the Habs a hometown discount. And me think he might go elsewhere so that he can get a second line gig. He can score.
  2. Hope he is OK. Man the guy was a heck of a goalie. Loved his game, especially when he played the Habs. That 2-0 W in MTL in spring of 2019 was something special. Thanks Crow!
  3. Great contract like the Sens need to offer more often going forward. 6-8 years long and no huge ones except for Tkachuk and Chabot and maybe Branstromm with what they have at this point. Dorion saved his butt in the last 10 months or so. I'm surprised a) he was alloewd to do it and b) did a good job so far, especially since... the owner, you know. He ain't great.
  4. How many big cap hit can these guys fit under the ceiling???
  5. I'm warming up to the idea of having Dach on board but I wanted Byram.
  6. Love it as a Hawks fan. Man is Schmaltz afraid of any contact.
  7. Greatest tire fire of a franchise ever. But we get to see Burns and Karlsson together so...I say F**K Melnyk with you Sens fans.
  8. Hey even Bergevin can with a trade. Maybe Dorion can save his ass with the Karlsson trade.
  9. Game is great so far. Loving every minutes of it.
  10. I don't mind as long as the winner beat Vegas. Hoping for an exciting game. Slight advantage to TB.
  11. Seriously, they weren't going to win them all forever. B2B is already quite impressive.
  12. Same here. ZAR could have tried to make him whiff on the hit instead he too looked for the contact. Dumoulin should indeed have result in punishment.
  13. Have you received mine! It was a very important one!
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