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  1. Wish him well. He had a hell of a career.
  2. I'm the Poster Kid for making bad decisions. A quick scan of the spreadsheet shows this jewel I'd like a re-do on: I sure could have used Leon D's production the last few years. I later traded Domi, and am waiting on Anthony B to bloom.
  3. You guys crack me up! But I also agree with you!
  4. I think it's easy to take the officials for granted, but they are what make our game great too. There was a short story in the Globe and Mail on NHL Linesman Brad Kovachik's career. 1500 games is no small feat and he's seen a lot during that time. Hopefully, you can access the article here: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/article-after-1500-games-veteran-nhl-linesman-brad-kovachik-has-seen-it-all/
  5. The Blues are hot, 9 straight wins! Yikes.
  6. Stevie Y would be great but we need him back in Detroit! We are a mess, too.
  7. Yzerman is stepping down as Tampa Bay's GM. I didn't see this coming. There has long been talk of figuring out a way to bring him back to Detroit. I no Kenny Holland fan, so I wouldn't shed any tears if he got the boot. https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/steve-yzerman-steps-down-as-general-manager-of-tampa-bay-lightning-in-stunning-move/
  8. Ouch, that shot he took to the head from Weber was nasty.
  9. Sounds like everybody could use JOMO.
  10. Going with Tampa, 4-2. That means if you're betting, pick Washington as I am never correct!
  11. So he loses an important game 7 to the Jets (not good, I agree). But what if the Preds won that game? The discussion would be different (as would Rinne's value, ha). I'd play Rinne 50 or so games next year and Saros 30 or so games. See what you have with Saros. But Poile is not afraid to trade away top talent, so I expect him to be dealt.
  12. Way cool, thanks for sharing the article.
  13. I was listening to the Wings game last night on the radio. The Wings were on their way to losing to the Black Hawks. Paul Woods, former Wing and now radio broadcaster, was commenting on the value of Jonathan Toews. He recognized that Toews numbers are down and that he's getting paid a lot of money. But Woods stated, "If I was building a playoff team and got to pick a player, I'd be hard-pressed not to pick Toews." He then went on to list the players he'd pick if a gun was put to his head: Patrice Bergeron Sid Crosby Ryan Getzlaf Anze Kopitar Jonathan Toews Mr. Woods is showing some bias for older players and guys who are responsible at both ends of the ice. I'm OLD, so I understand his mindset. :-) Which 3 to 5 players would be on your list?
  14. Nice photos, thanks for sharing. And I can't believe that save!
  15. Sorry to hear about Dobber's condition (as well as your father). Thank you for sharing the links for how to share one's bone marrow. - paul
  16. I donated, thanks for doing this for the kids. My donation may appear as coming from my daughter Olivia Robinson (she must of been on my computer last!).
  17. The dude is wicked good but I think that puck got away from him (not by design). But if it was by design, yikes!
  18. Wow, this is really cool - thanks for sharing!
  19. Appreciate all the hard work you guys do to keep this forum running. Looking forward to the 2016-17 season.
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