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Smilezone :) Charity Hockey Tournament

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Hello fellow hockey fanatics!


It's that time of year again, as we watch the NHL regular season come to an end and the playoffs on the horizon I am once again participating in the Smilezone's charity hockey tournament on April 29th. Unlike in years past this will be a one day tournament but the goal is still the same!! To put as many smiles :) on as many kids faces as possible. 


Those of you who know me from my long tenure in this great hockey community know how long I have been participating in this charity. Smilezone continues to transform children's wards in hospitals into welcoming, interactive spaces where the kids can feel more comfortable when having to spend time fighting or recovering from illness.


Join me in supporting this great cause and I'll ensure I let Eric Lindros know to keep his head up this year! LOL




Please feel free to reach of via DM if you want anymore information!


Thank you all, 



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Another successful charity tournament for the Smilezone foundation! With your generous donations the event was able to raise over $145,000! Simply amazing.


A big thank you to all who donated. Looking forward to next year's already.


This is truly an amazing fantasy hockey community.


The highlight for me this year was getting to lineup with Wojtek Wolski. Super nice guy and fun to talk too. Pretty good hockey player too.

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