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Capwise Community Nights?!


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Hey Capwise Compatriots! 


I've been talking to James and Byz about putting together a few community nights this year.  Maybe getting together on voice chat or text chat (Discord.gg?) and chatting it up while we watch some hockey together (except in separate locations). 


Does this sound like something you guys would want to do?  I know everyone has other stuff going on but it would be cool to get to know each other a bit more :P



If there is interest we can talk more about when and or how often. 



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33 minutes ago, Salros said:

Leafs-Oilers could be a good match for a Capwise Community Night. Unfortunately, they don't play until February.


30 minutes ago, Dougall said:


Or fortunately for the Oilers that they can wait that long to lose ;)

Ouch. The scabs from last season still haven't fully healed. At least give me 'till September :)

But, yeh. Sounds like a blast.

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57 minutes ago, knobert said:

we tried to get together in person in Edmonton a few years ago but life got in the way

This would not be in person but via voice or text chat. 


All you would need is time and a devoce that can load doscord (PC, MAC, or phone) 

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