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Capwise NHL Draft Party


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Afternoon, gang!


I was hoping to get some people together and watch the NHL Draft on Discord (10/06/2020). Last year was a lot of fun. Anyone interested? I can usually find a stream online and share it with the community, so no one is ahead of behind.


Let's do it!


P.S. There will be the consumption of adult beverages on my mind.

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On 10/1/2020 at 3:32 PM, Bagwell said:

Haha, yeah. I'll post an invite to the Discord channel for anyone that doesn't have it under CHA Discussion.


Also, I'm crossing my fingers for Raymond/Sanderson/Askarov for the Wings. Anyone but Perfetti please.


Just curious, why not Perfetti? I'm a fan of his apparent skill/hockey sense.

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5 hours ago, Vegeta said:

Im in @Bagwell cant wait for your detroit reaction

Detroit is proud to select , from manheim in the del, mortiz seider


This was the absolute highlight last year, if anyone needs some hype to join!! 


I also tossed the invite link under James' commish messages that you'll see if you're a member of a CHA league.

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