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Attending First Penguins Game of the Season


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Different experience, Masks at all time when your not eating or drinking. 

Total of 5,000 fans vs. over the normal 17,000 fans. 

Much easier parking with only 5,000 fans.  

No cash at all in PPG Arena, all cashless checkouts for everything.  


Now only need a win......





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Both teams playing conservative. Not a lot of grade A chances for either team. Very important game for both teams as Pens really need seed 1 or 2 to have home ice advantage, and Bruins have 2 games in hand, so this game and the next game vs. the Bruins are high stakes games for both teams. So far so good.....

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Yea, bad game, those 3 straight penalties changed the momentum, and after hearing Phil Bourque on NHL radio say if the Pens lose in the first round, he believes they won’t resign Letang, Malkin or Rust, and begin the retool of the roster in Pgh. I can’t disagree as just feel it’s time for some serious changes in Pgh. For me bringing back Pittsburgh native Vincent Trocheck would be a great start. 

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