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Darnell Nurse

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As an Oilers fan with a completely objective take on Nurse... I think he's a top 30 Dman in the league, as in a low-end #1. He led the league in % time vs. elites last year and came out with a positive CF%. Granted, a lot of that time was with McDavid, but McD also hasn't had traditionally strong CF% numbers in the past. I feel like Nurse learned how to play defense last year at the cost of offense, and still has another step to go in tying both aspects together to become Doctor. 


Contract could be better, but that's the price for the Oilers bridging him for so long. That said, I would tab him as a ~$7.75-8m guy right now with some upside yet, so hardly a bad overpay IMO.

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I agree with Byz. He is a good dman in real life NOT great or going to win you games by putting the team on his shoulders. But he will be solid. His contract should be around that 8 mill mark but Oilers signed him when they panicked as Jones, Werenski and all those guys were signing 9 mill contracts. Worst timing for the Oilers to sign him. 


In our league he is probably going to average around a top 20 mark for d-men and maybe in a good season get into the top 5. He saves himself by hitting and blocking a ton of shots. If he played first power play unit it might be a different story thats for sure. One year ago he was the top dman in our fantrax scoring league.... so thats something too. 

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What's the deciding factor? TOI?

Jones  Chabot Werenski Provorov Heiskanen Dahlin Severson Parayko Morrisey Ekholm Brodin Dumba Pelech Petry Parayko


It's not to say a guy like HEiskanen won't be better or doesn't have a higher ceiling. Some of these guys might not be a #1 but they played top minutes.

Darnell Nurse eats minutes. Has shit goaltending behind him and Hits, Blocks and makes a huge difference for the oilers. If he got the PP time he's be cracking the 50 to 60 point mark.  


Forget his contract . This is about the player. I'd take Nurse anyday over all of these guys. He's big and nasty and does it all.

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