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Darnell Nurse

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Darnell Nurse has 4 more years as a professional hockey play over Miro Heiskanen, and is scoring at a lower ppg clip than him. Heiskanen also scores (and has scored) more points in the playoffs. 

Miro has also averaged more icetime than Darnell Nurse
GV/TK ratio is much larger for Nurse, in a bad way
Miro has a higher shooting % average 
Corsi heavily favors Miro

and this is while riding back seat to John Klingberg for almost his entire time in the NHL. The only thing Nurse has on Miro, is Hits and Blocks. 

Darnell is a 3rd or 4th Dman on a team with above average defense AT BEST, which I'm sorry doesn't equate to top 10 in the NHL. nor justify his contract. 
but if you think otherwise, then you're also saying Luke Schenn is premier defender in this league too (look up eachother's stats for this season I dare ya)


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